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Hello and welcome to our channel! Animal Wonders Montana is an animal rescue and education facility that cares for over 100 exotic animals and non-releasable wildlife. Every week, we feature different animals, share what it’s like to keep them happy and healthy, and strive to inspire others to give the animals in their life the best they can.

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Hello and welcome to Animal Wonders!  This is Hara the Harris’s Hawk,   and I’m Jessi.

I’m passionate about  animals, science, and education.  Animal Wonders is a small nonprofit organization  located in the rural forests of western Montana.  We rescue displaced and non-releasable wild and  exotic animals, give them a safe place to live,   and allow them to become ambassadors for their  species through our educational presentations.  On our channel, we love to share as much about the animals we care for as possible! And with over 100 wild and exotic animals, it's never a dull moment at Animal Wonders!  Meet our animal care team: Taylor with  Scarlet the green wing macaw,  .

Augusto with Yucca the red footed tortoise,  and me, Jessi, with Seraphina the red fox.  Join us on our adventures as we introduce you to new amazing animal rescues; share interesting and important animal facts; teach how positive reinforcement training improves the lives of our animals; and of course, have fun enriching the animals’ lives with new and engaging activities. We’re looking forward to sharing the wonders of these animals with you! [BOLD OUTRO MUSIC].