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Julia Nunes reads Robert Creeley's poem, "Variations".

Julia Nunes:

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Hi, I'm Julia Nunes and I'm reading a poem by Robert Creeley called "Variations" and I chose it because it's a cool look at like, how sometimes we do things that our mind isn't totally aware of.  


There is love only
as love is.  These
senses recreate
their definition--a hand

holds within itself
all reason. The eyes
have seen such
;beauty they close.

But continue.  So the voice
again, these senses recreate
their singular condition
felt, and felt again.

I hear.  I hear
the mind close, the voice
go on beyond it,
the hands open.

Hard, they hold so
closely themselves, only,
empty grasping of
such sensation.

Hear, there where
the echoes are
louder, clearer,
senses of sound

opening and closing,
no longer love's
only, mind's intention,
eyes' sight, hands holding--

broken to echoes, these
senses recreate
their definition.  I hear
the mind close.