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Sorry folks who can't come, but I had to make a video announcing VidCon 2012, I just HAD TO!

We'll be uploading VidCon 2011 footage to very soon.

And thanks to all of the people who's VidCon videos I poached for that promo!


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A Bunny
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Hank: Good morning John.

Alex: This is just, yeah, the most epic thing I've ever been at.

Harley: We went up there and we were laughing. Muscles Glasses told people to * off.

Justine: I was just excited, to meet people, you know. I've given so many hugs.

Shane: It's definitely the opposite of my childhood. There's actual love in the room.

Phil: They rushed the stage. We had a camera guy, he's like "What's happening?"

Meghan Tonjes: There were like elevator meetings where people were like "I like your videos" and I'm like "I'm going to floor 7"

Ze: VidCon is like, you know it's 2500 people growing, growing, growing. And they're all, you know young excited makers. You know they're making things, and I can't imagine like a better community of people to be around.

Charlie: Well, I just discovered that I accidentally showed a bit of bum crack on stage.

Interviewer: How dare you?

*insert video montage*

Hank: VidCon 2012 is happening. And we are releasing the site and registration now-ish.


Because early bird registration is only available to the first 1000 people. We just want to get some money in the account, so we can start paying for things.

So I'm going to do an FAQ now, about VidCon. I, uh, asked some questions on Twitter, they're coming in.

Q: Where is VidCon?

A: Anaheim! Right across the street from Disneyland, and the Anaheim Convention Center, where there's lots of cheap hotels.

Q: When is VidCon?

A: The community days are Friday June 29th, and Saturday June 30th, and the industry day is Thursday June 28th.

And this is a question people aren't asking because they don't know about it yet, but what the heck's up with the three different registration passes.

ONE. We have the community pass, which is the same as always and gives you access to everything on the 29th and 30th. Including concerts, and keynotes, and the expo hall, and breakouts, and meet-ups.

The Industry pass you have access to the 29th, and 30th as well, but you also have access to the 28th, which is a day people who are in the industry of online video get together and talk about like how to make the most of this cool thing that we're all doing.

And then THREE! We have a new type of pass, which is the expo pass. Which is extra cheap, but only gives access to the expo hall.

We've created this pass for a bunch of different reasons, one because we always sell out of the community stuff, and we can't sell too many community passes or it doesn't feel community-ish anymore.

But we still want people to be able to be involved, even after the community tickets have sold out. It's also because the Expo hall will have all of the gaming content like video gaming, and so people who are only interested in video gaming, you can just get the Expo Pass.

You don't have to bother with all of us Nerds having like actual fun. I'm XYZ, young, old, amateur, professional, tall, short, I don't care, everyone is allowed to come to VidCon, and everyone will enjoy it.

Q: Will VidCon be livestreamed?

A: Some of it, so I'm not sure if we can stream the whole thing, we're definitely video taping the whole thing. And we'll put it up after the fact.

Q: Will their be a VidCon UK? East Coast? Hawaii? India?

A: We dream about doing VidCon UK, VidCon East Coast,we haven't been able to you know figure out how to actually do that yet.

Q: Will there be ball pits?

A: Yes! We're bringing back the ball pits and the Nerf guns. Maybe we'll mix them, no the darts would get lost in the balls.

Darts would get lost in the balls. that's what I said.

I think that pretty much covers it, I'm going to go transcribe this video into a FAQ page for the website, because it's the last thing that I have to do.

To the people who can come to VidCon,we'll see you there. For everyone else, hopefully I'll see you at some gathering, some time, in the near future if you're in America, on the east or west coast.

Those opportunities should be arising fairly soon. No Spoilers though.

John, Good Luck continuing to sign like a mad man,um, I will see you and your inflamed right hand on Wednesday.