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Nobody asked for this, but here we go! Join The House That Nobody Asked For Q&A where everything is on the table including relationship status, hypothetical cannibalism, and Billies feet!

0:00 Introduction
1:20 How did you guys get together?
3:20 Why do you think it works so well?
5:10 How does Billy feel about your constant wealth?
6:50 What caused you guys to get into comedy?
9:45 Can you read and if so, what book ruined your childhood?
11:50 If you could have a celebrity join the house, who would it be?
12:50 Would you consider going to LA after quarantine or live together forever?
14:00 Tyler introduce your cat!
14:25 Billy show your feet!
15:10 How do you guys decide who edits the videos?
17:10 What platform did you blow up on if it wasn’t TikTok?
18:35 Do you assign chores in the house?
19:40 Opinion/speculations on cleanliness of other houses?
20:40 What is your vision of the house?
22:00 Relationship status?
24:00 Who would you want to be stuck on an island with?
27:25 What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
32:20 What are you looking for in a new member?
34:25 Audience Poll on funniest member
35:50 Best style in the group?
37:20 What is it like living with all the guys in the house?
39:00 Final thoughts

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