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In which John gives thanks for nerds, nerdfighters, and his brother. And throws himself at a wall.


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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank, it's Thanksgiving day 2008, and I'm back where it all started for me: here at Mom and Dad's house in Asheville, North Carolina.

Hank, it's just like old times. Except now my face is visible way over here thanks to 16x9 technology. Yay new YouTube!

Hank it sure was fun hanging out with you and the Katherine for three weeks on the Great American Tour de Nerdfighting. But I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the trip and playing cows and meeting thousands of nerdfighters, and watching you become a rockstar before my very eyes. I'm also sort of grateful that our sibling relationship has returned to, you know, normal.

Normal of course being communicating via video blog while thousands of people watch. It's weird what can become normal. Watching hundreds of people sing along to your brother's songs can become normal. Thinking of people you're helping in Bangladesh you don't technically know as people in the same way as your family is can become normal. Being something called a nerdfighter can become normal. Even this view can become normal.

And Hank, on this Thanksgiving day, I have to say that I'm grateful to you and to the nerdfighters for teaching me that awesome can become normal. Because that's given me hope that one day puff might be normal. That one day it might be normal to celebrate intellectualism and nerd culture. It gives me hope that one day it might be normal to make sacrifices to protect the planet we live in. On? In. On. We live on the planet. Mmm prepositions you are always causing me trouble!

Is there a yeti down there? Yeti?

Sarah: Hello?

John: It gives me hope that it one day may be normal to refer to your wife as a yeti. It's funny how sometimes living in a difficult moment in history can make you more hopeful not less. So Hank on this Thanksgiving I am grateful to you, and to the nerdfighters for making awesome normal.

Oh and hey if you live in Asheville, North Carolina or near by on Saturday at 1 o'clock I'm signing at Malaprop's Book Store, more info in the sidebar. Unfortunately there won't be a formal presentation or a reading or anything but I will sign all your books and also your shoes and potentially your Mandolins.

Hank, I still don't know what to do with all the wide-screen. Like, maybe I could just have my hands up here to cover the whole screen so at least something is happening on the screen. Maybe the hands could like, talk back to me.

Hand:That Thanksgiving message sucked, you should just try to be funny.
John: Oh come on, I am just trying to be nice to the nerdfighters and to Hank and to remind them how important they are in my life and what a community we are building here and that we are going to keep building.

Hand: That sucks, be funny.

John: Um, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to dance like a monkey?

Hand: Dance monkey.

John: That's not fair you know, this video blog is not just about me dancing like a monkey and throwing my self against the wall to prove that I'm not an octopus.

Hand: Through yourself against the wall to prove you're not an octopus.

John: I don't want to, I'm trying to be serious today.

Hand: Wall, octopus, Now!

John: Alright Hank, if the hands insist. Have a happy Thanksgiving, thanks for being awesome and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Alright Green, you gotta give it your all. It's not for you, it's for nerdfighteria. I am not an octopus! Oww!

Ha ha ha Pwnd Willy.