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Yes, this video would have been more popular if I was a hot girl...alas.

In which Hank says Happy Birthday to Dad 1.0, and then talks about the importance of net neutrality.


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Good morning John, it is Monday May 3rd.

It is our dad's birthday, but I know that Dad doesn't want us to make a big deal out of the fact that he is SIXTY YEARS OLD. So I won't be talking about how when he was born the most popular television show was I LOVE LUCY or that silicon transistors DIDN'T EXIST or even that soon both of his sons will be OVER 30 YEARS OLD. I know what Dad what really wants; he wants me to talk about Net Neutrality.

The internet is a series of tubes, but for the purpose of demonstration the internet is going to be my shower, which is kind of a tube. And the internet, it flows into my house. This water, this nourishing water, is everything; it's giraffe sex, it's Xbox live, it's vlogbrothers.

It's flowing over me, the warm, wonderful goodness of information. The people who provide internet access to you send you whatever you want at the highest speed possible for your plan. Unfortunately for me, and for the telecoms, but fortunately for everyone else, my shower isn't the only shower in the world.

If everyone has their information showers on all the time, bathing in the glory of everything that is the internet then suddenly these telecom companies might be unable to fulfill their promises for how much water they can provide. And if they start running out of water they'll have pay money and make investments to get more water or bandwidth or whatever I'm talking about. The important thing is that it will cost money and that will cut into their profits.

So the telecom companies set down their solution to this problem. Their solution is they say what is taking up all of this internet bandwidth and how can we make it stop? And what they figure out that 85% of this bandwidth is being taken up by BitTorrent and so they are well these people are thieves anyway let's just turn down the knob some on what they can do on the internet.

This is a little dribble, a little dribble out of the shower there. This sounds fine for like four seconds because are breaking the law anyhow, all the telecoms are doing is making it harder for thieves to steal. Well first, it is not the job of telecom companies to enforce the law and I think that that is clear that we should not make it their job.

Second, if they do do this, what happens if they start to run out again? When people are enjoying the internet legitimately and again the telecoms start to run out of bandwidth. What do they cut next?

If BitTorrent isn't gobbling up 85% of the bandwidth what is gobbling up 85% of the bandwidth? Well, probably it's YouTube. One day you'll be watching YouTube and you'll say why is it this measly dribble?

Why is it taking me 45 minutes to Charlie bite his brother's finger? And you're frustrated and you're angry, but then you hear that has internet videos that are coming in just fine and faster than ever before. YouTube I love you, but Comcast COMCAST VIDEO!

That was cold and hot, very cold and then very hot. Confusing on my body. Net neutrality is the concept that internet service providers can not decide what content I get at what speeds.

They should not be able to turn down the bandwidth for YouTube and turn it up for Comcast's streaming cable. They should not be able to gouge content creators like myself for their profit at the expense of the entire world. I'm sorry to say this, but if they are legally able to do this they will do it.

And it won't just kill YouTube, it will kill the next thing, the next amazing, cool thing that is even greater than YouTube and that we don't know what it is yet, but it has enormous economic potential. That thing won't exist because they will have killed the amazing open and innovative nature of the internet. And suddenly what we'll have instead of this infinite of variety crap is a finite about of crap.

And a finite amount of crap is just crap, where as an infinite amount of crap is hope. All of us can help make sure that the internet remains a place where infinite amounts of crap can be thrown at the wall and some of it will stick. Go to read up on net neutrality and make sure you're educated and participating in this debate.

John I will see you on Friday. I think I'm just gonna take a shower now because I'm soaking wet.