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It's time! Crash Course Physics is coming soon and here is your introduction to our host for this series, Dr. Shini Somara. You can find out more about her linked below!

What is AP Physics? Check it out here:



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Hank: So, physics. Uh, right. Physics, physics, physics, physics. Are you getting all this?

We have been talking about doing Crash Course: Physics for a long, long, long, long, long, long time. You've wanted it, we've wanted to do it, and now thanks to our friends at PBS Digital Studios, we're doing it. There's just one thing. I’m hosting Crash Course: Philosophy, but I do know someone super-qualified for the job.

Shini: Hi!

H: Hi. This is our host for Crash Course: Physics. Me? I’m gonna go have a corn dog and host philosophy. Take it away, Shini!

S: I’m Dr. Shini Somara, a mechanical engineer and fluid dynamicist by qualification. For the last few years I've been hosting science and tech shows on TV, like TechKnow, Tomorrow's Food, and The Health Show. Wanna know more about me? There are links in the dooblydoo.

So, let’s talk physics! I love physics and chances are you do too, even if you don't know it yet. So I'm really excited to host this series of Crash Course. In this series, we’ll be covering AP Physics 1 & 2, mostly. But we’ll also have a little time for other things along the way.

Everything you do, build, or say will be governed by physics, so wouldn’t it be nice to read the rule book? A rule book that will help you through life. Physics is elegant.

It's also practical and fun. Understanding time, position, velocity, and acceleration and how they all work together can help you understand your place in the universe - literally!

And I'm sure you've heard of Newton's Laws, like his first law: An object in motion will remain in motion, and an object at rest will remain at rest, unless acted upon by a force.

But what does that mean? And what does it have to do with acceleration? And what are vectors? Scalars? And what does this mean? Kinetic friction and static friction? What's the difference?

We'll explain all of that. But what's more special is getting to figure out why understanding these things is so valuable. Understanding how the world, the universe, works gives us a richer and more immersive experience in life. It gives us the opportunity to see the beauty in nature in vast and unexpected ways.

Now a lot of people think physics is hard, but it's easy! Well, as easy as we can make it.

So join me, Dr. Shini Somara, this year on Crash Course: Physics which is produced in association with our good friends at PBS Digital Studios.