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Individuals shared them, the collective intelligence of Reddit sorted and vetted them, all I did was make a video putting them all in one place. The 25 Top Life Pro Tips!

Life Pro Tips

Nerdfighter Reddit

The Infographics:

Here they all are (yes, I appear to have missed a bad):
Jar of Happiness - thatswhatmesaid -

Headlamp Jug Light - nickskater09 -

Whte Text With Black Background - Madiau -

Two Fingers to Upvote - jigglingpudding -

Blue Ink In A Red Pen - MiloMuggins -

Cheap Plane Tickets - tiradium -

How to Untie Any Knot - jumaklavita -

Paper CD Case - normalize -

Fill A Bucket From The Sink - mrfitzy

How To Fix Audio Levels In a Movie - army_of_dicks -

Fresh Eggs - nthensome -

Fast Essay Writing - dan81989 -

Downloading Whole Imgur Albums - Alt_f4_ -

Staple Remover For Key Rings - RuncibleSpoon18 -

Pasting Unformatted Text - rbmichael -

Ice In Water Bottles - Testicle_Festival -

Straight Charger Cords - omglikewtf -

How To Not Buy Stuff From Co-workers - CaptnSpalding -

Frozen Grapes - Tericakes -

Fixing Dinged Wooden Furniture - icametodropbombs -

Awesome Ramen - johnny_topside -

How to Not Wipe Paint On Side Of Can - [deleted] -

Google Tips - Xenoo -

Stop Spam Texts - ikonoclasm -

Expediting 911 Calls - roastedbagel -
Good morning John; it's time for a "doing another weird thing day today", and today we're going to be translating one of the coolest URLs on the Internet into a video.

It is the web page at this URL, [] and it was formed through a combination of user submissions, user curation and algorithms to be, the twenty five, all time, top, most useful, highest rated, life pro tips of Reddit. And I thought that I could make it a smidge easier to learn those top twenty five ways to make your life better.

1. Number one top tip; write down all the nice things that happen to you over the year, fold them up, put them into a jar, and then New Years, dump them out and remember all of the nice times that we all too often forget.

2. Number two. Camping, but your headlamp is too weirdly bright but not bright enough 'cause it's a unidirectional and not ambient? Strap it to a water bottle and turn it on! Yeah! What? It's nice right? That's pleasant.

3. White text with a black outline can be read on any color.

4. The Alien Blue app is an excellent way to browse Reddit on your phone. Tap with two fingers for an up vote, three fingers for down vote.

5. Tired of co-workers stealing your pen? Take your blue or black cartridge out of your blue or black pen and put it into a pen with a froofy color, 'cause nobody steals pink pens!

6. When browsing for plane tickets use your browser's incognito mode. Stupid travel websites, if you don't buy the first time, will raise the price if they see you come back a second time, 'cause they know that you're more likely to buy it... Jerks.

7. Having a hard time untying a knot? Twist the thing that the knot is made out of to compress it and then it will be easier to push it through. It's not actually as useful as the pro tip makes it sound. Other things I saw in the comments, if you bang on or bite a knot, that will help loosen it as well. If the twisting doesn't work.

8. Who has CD cases lying around anymore? But if you need one you can make one out of a sheet of paper! Little bit of scotch tape for extra security though.

9. Got a container you need to fill with water but it's too big to fit in the sink? DUSTPAN. Yeah! There's a stupid hole in my stupid dustpan so I have to use duct tape which is like life pro tip number one, right?

10. VLC is an amazing piece of software that lets you watch pretty much any movie format ever. Also, it has a mixer inside, if the dialogue is too quiet and the action too loud, you can mix it!

11. Good eggs sink, bad eggs float.

13. Add "/zip" to the end of any Imgur album, and you get the whole album downloaded as a zip file. So awesome!

14. Save your fingernails! Use a staple remover to open up your key ring!

15. We all know that control- or command-V pastes, but control-shift-V - pastes without formatting. What?

16. Fill your water bottle up a quarter way with water, throw it in the freezer, then, whenever you want, just fill it up all the way; you got ice-cold water to go.

17. If one of your old cables is in danger of snapping, you can use the spring from an old ball-point pen to reinforce it.

19. If you want to cool down your beverage without watering it down, you can throw in some frozen grapes.

20. Rub a walnut on damaged wood to cover up dings, and I don't know who cares so much about their dinged furniture! I don't have any examples of that. I - Walnuts! Eat them. They're food.

21. Make amazing ramen with this extraordinarily detailed infographic that's linked in the description!

22. Put a rubber band around your paint can so that you have something to wipe your paintbrush off on that's not the side of the can, which gets all messy then!

23. Get more out of this Google with this other extraordinarily detailed infographic that's linked in the description!

24. Forward spam texts to 7726, all carriers will then use that information to track down the spammers!

25. And finally, if you find yourself in an emergency, do not say, "Somebody call 911!" - either call 911 yourself, or tell a specific person to call 911. Otherwise, and this has happened, everyone assumes someone has already done it. Which is terrible.

Thanks to all the original posters, make sure that you go check those out, because usually with Reddit posts, the comments are better than the original post anyway.

Check out the lifeprotips subreddit, it's a great way to spend time, and also the nerdfighters subreddit is a pretty cool way to spend time.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.