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You lost 6 games in a row but you're due for a win, right? Wrong. You've fallen for the gambler's fallacy, or faulty reasoning, but you are not alone.

At a roulette table in Nevada, when a losing streak lasted for 5 games, about 65% of the players started betting based on this fallacy. By the time the streak had made it to six games, the fallacy had taken 85% of players. But they still don't win because in roulette, whether they win or lose the next game has nothing to do with whether they won the last game. 

If, for example, a red couldn't win next time because it won last time, they would be right on the money. But in roulette, each possibility is still a viable option in the next game regardless of what won the last game. 

So they're applying the right logic to the wrong situation.