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In which Hank and Katherine handle some more mandrakes, learn how to deal with Cornish pixies, and Harry gets accused of being the Heir of Slytherin.
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. Katherine's hopping around, I'm going to ruin her day.

Katherine: (Makes sad whiny sound).

H: (Laughs).

K: I was squishing everyone!

H: I went through a door because I like to do things instead of look around!

K: I like to squish things.

H: Whoa, why are you up there...what the frickety?

K: What the frickity.

H: It looks like that thing is growing up into his butt.

K: Out of the way punkity punkity!

H: Oh, that was my fault. Ah! God! Why is this game so hard? What...what do you need from me? You need me to Wingardium Leviosa you? Why don't you just fall down you little punk. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to you.

K: Come back over here, oh nevermind. I guess...

H: You don't need me to be with you.

K: Hiya!

H: I did that.

K: Push it.

H: Getting ghost bolts.

K: Push it!

H: Push it real good! You got a Hufflepuff boy. All that...that...

K: That was...that's in the past, honey. Don't dwell in the past.

H: hard we worked to get that Hufflepuff boy?

K: Yeah. I thought it was at least gonna be a...

H: Gold brick or something.

K: Or a part of the Hogwarts crest.

H: Ahhhh! Yeah, seriously part of a Hogwa....I'm building a house of cards! See, that was worth it. That was fast and easy and I got bolts. I mean studs! Why do I call them bolts?

K: I don't know. That's not what they're called. 

H: What is that? Okay. Shooty shooty.

K: Where is the...

H: I don't like to uh...ooh! What did I...oh my god no! I'm so sorry!

K: Why?

H: I killed a boy for money!

K: Why did you do that?

H: I killed him for money. Wait, I thought we couldn't go up here because it's for prefects. Oh...are we...are we doing this again? Are we doing more Mandrake stuff? I am not a fan.

K: Then you don't have to do it!

H: I have to sit here while you do it.

K: You got to do it last time, why don't I get to do it this time?

H: I...I was...

K: Huh? Huh? Huh?

H: There's a bottle right there.

K: Why do you get to do everything?

H: You knocked over my thing! That did not break. 

K: Yeah.

H: Okay, I'll try and help you find the thing...

K: It's this one. It's this one.

H: Okay. One of six!

K: Ah ha ha!

H: One of freaking six.

K: That sounds like so much fun, right? Right?

H: Yes that is exactly what...

K: That sounds like...get out of the way!

H: Oh you did actually, you have to actually need it.

K: Good freaking...!

H: Okay. Fine, we actually needed the Mandrake. Fine, fine, fine, fine.

K: So annoying, why were you in my way?

H: Well there's a...another bottle down here.

K: There is?

H: Yeah.

K: Okay, well. Let's get these ones first, I'm already up here.

H: We have to come back up here though.

K: It won't be that hard. Just relax!

H: What is this? What? Is this? I...what am I making? There's a giant H, oh I have to make the giant H. Okay you do your thing I'll do my thing.

K: No, we cannot split up.

H: Yes we can!

K: It is easier to cooperate.

H: I don't know where I'm putting you...

K: Put it where it fits. Which one am I working on? 

H: This thing is...looks like it goes here. It doesn't, though. Nope. That was actually where the other thing went. You go over here, the thing that I was donking around with for freaking ever. 

K: Donkin it around.

H: Donkin it a....yes! That's all? Oh come on. Where'd your Mandrake go?

K: Uh, it...I let it go and it ran back to where it came from. Oh wait...

H: Okay. But I can't use...what? We got an Ernie Macmillian? Macmillan!

K: (Laughs) Macmillion!

H: I'm stuck, I literally cannot move. Thank you for picking that up. That way! Back that way! 

K: Where?

H: On the shelf!

K: I'm not sure that that is...

H: Well it looks like it!

K: Yeah, but it's not. 

H: Ugh.

K: It's the ones that look know. Like all the other ones.

H: Well that's what it looks like! That one looks like all the other ones.

K: No.

H: Are you sure that they're not all upstairs?

K: Just help me find it.

H: I'm sayin' I didn't ever see any! I'm putting the thing on so at least I can be near you.

K: Okay. Good plan.

H: Okay, hop jump over the thing...What are we doing? Ahhh. I'm not a complete...whoa look at mine! Mine is now a spear through my head.

K: (Laughs).

H: I didn't even notice that.

K: Suh-weet!

H: Yeah. Alright. I bet that Nearly Headless Nick would like for us to follow him. 

K: What am I doing though? Oh I...

H: You are raising that thing so that we can get one blue bolt that you could probably get with stud magnet.

K: (Sighs).  I just did it.

H: Okay there's actually a purple up there too. Which is probably...possibly...what are they doing? That's dangerous.

K: I don't know...

H: Ahh! We got a Lee Jordan!

K: Look at all of these things I'm doing!

H: Yes, and I'm doing nothing. All by myself.

K: (Singing) All by myself! (Speaking) Okay, goodbye.

H: Here we go. (Singing) Don't wanna be all by myself, anymore!

K: Oh...(Fart noise) 

H: Did you kill someone?

K: I jumped off the edge.

H: Okay well I'm going to go this way.

K:  I jumped off the edge and I no longer have my earmuffs.

H: No. Earmufflessness!

K: Lost my muff.

H: You lost your muff. Who's that? Oh, Gilderoy, hello!

K: Yes. 

H: No. Not even a little bit. 

K: Totally!

H: Oh we're gonna learn what to do with Pixies.

K: Why...I can't believe Hermione was taken in by this.

H: Yeah it is a surprise.

K: She's so young.

H: She's so young, yeah. I mean she's very young. Look! He can do spells! Oh, except that you killed it. That wasn't very nice.

K: Hah!

H: Hah hah hah hah haaa! It's funny because LEGO pieces, actually, you can do that to their hair.

K: (Coughs). Yep.

H: That's one of of the reasons it's funny.

K: He didn't have hair though, did he? Did he have hair?

H: Press Z to freeze the Pixies with Immobilus.

K: Immobilus!

H: Howabout instead I run around and collect bolts.

K: Yeah. Okay.

H: My...I'm using it. Why am I stuck? Ah...hello! I was totally shooting Pixies. Got you! I got you! I got three of them. I don't see any more.

K: You have to freeze them and then shoot them again.

H: And then shoot them again. Yes! Yes we are very good. Straighten up your hair man. Oh, it's going...are they gonna grab Neville and put him on the chandelier now?

K: Oh my goodness. You are such a terrible wizard.

H: He's a bad wizard but he's very good at memory charms. Are they going to be like...after us now? Or are they just gonna move more? Hello...I need to shoot you. Ahh! Why, why am I so bad at this?

K: Um, this is the one where you does help to target. But we're sitting too close really.

H: Yes, we sit to close to the screen to target easily. I thought I was the wrong freakin person. Oh I just got you.

K: You just froze me a lot.

H: Well at least we know it works on people too. Aw, come on! 

K: Don't worry, Hermione did it.

H: Don't worry. Hermione did it.

K: (Sings a little fanfare)

H: Kathermione.

K: Kathermione is good at magic.

H: (Laughs).

K: I'll tell you what.

H: You tell me that.

K: Um, alright. 

H: Alright!

K: That's probably it.

H: Yeah. You know, except for stud collection.

K: Right. But, uh...

H: I'm not a fan of that. I'm going out of this door.

K: I am going to smack your pants.

H: I am helping!

K: Not in a good way.

H:'re not gonna smack my pants in a good way.

K: Now we can't go back there!

H: No! Why would we need to?

K: (Sighs).

H: What is this red thing? Ahhhhh I don't have earmuffs on!

K: That's too bad isn't it. Hm. Looks like the TARDIS but red.

H: Red TARDIS. You should probably come this way so you don't have to walk right...

Both: Whoooaaa!

K: Do we...are it time to stop again or what?

H: Oh, we're approaching time to stop again, yeah.

K: Okay.

H: But we could...ooh. Don't fall off a cliff Harry, 'cause then we lose your studs.

K: Oh god, Mrs. Norris.

H: Hi kitty! I like a kitty!

K: She's frozen.

H: Oh no! I totally forgot about this. Chamber of Secrets! That's what it's called! It's not the spider. Why is this funny? This isn't funny. It is as if she is an actual LEGO.(Mocking Filch) Noooo my kitty! It's the only thing I love in the world! (Laughs).

K: Ahh! Haha. 

H: It's funny. Albus, help. I like how they all like, wear...they all have little house crests on their chests. What is that? What is that thing? What did we do? And we're moving it back and forth. That seems not useful. But maybe if we do it enough We fixed this!

K: Ooof! Ooof. Oof.

H: Yeah. I wish we could double bounce like in Mario. Ooh we got it.

K: You did!

H: You stud magnet. Stud magnet.

K: Um...

H: Sterd Mergnet. What's up?

K: (Sighs).

H: What is that?

K: How far away from true wizard are we?

H: I don't know. It's should be having a thing to count down.

K: Yeah, weird.

H: What we are doing seems like not a hugely productive use of our time. What is that thing?

K: No but it's for the true wizard! What thing? That's the arrow.

H: Oh, it's the arrow. Ha hah hah I'm not smart. Alright you Pixie butts. We can get you now! Um. You got in my way. It's not my fault.

K: Sweet! So, so happy. 

H: I'm hitting C! C! Ooh I'm in it!

K: Ha! You're wearing it on your head.

H: I am. It is my...

K: Get 'em!

H: Oh I can fly up high too!

K: All the students are running away from you because...

H: I am a scary pumpkin head!

K: No it's because you're...heir of Slytherin.

H: Oh they hate me. Everyone hates me! This is only the beginning of the angsty Harry phase!

K: My favorite. Why don't you get it? You just shot it. 

H: I feel like this should be more useful.

K: Yeah why aren't you like...

H: There should be some fricken studs up here. What is this? Nothing.

K: I'm growing some vegetables over here, just so you know.

H: Well good for you. I am a fricken flying pumpkin head! Beat that! Oh there's some. Finally I found a use for this. It should have been a fricken Hogwarts or a....some....Pomander

K: House crest! Pomander...wrong game.

H: Okay, fine, I'm done with my pumpkin head.

K: You're making that carrot squeak.

H: You think I'm the heir of Slytherin? Take that.

K: Squeak, squeaky carrot.

H: Okay. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. You will not see us and we will not see you but you will hear us next time. Goodbye.

K: Goodbye.