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Just needed a chill video for a very busy stressful week! Thanks to all of the folks who came out to make these with us!

If you want to see the new Study Hall series premieres here they are:

Rhetoric and Comp:
Human Communication:
US History to 1865:
Real World College Math:

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Good morning John. It's been a very good, pretty hard week. Brennan Lee Mulligan was on our podcast. I was on one of my favourite tech podcasts, Decoder. I recorded a thing that I'm very excited about but won't come out until next month. Study Hall launched its first four series: communications, American history, college math and rhetoric and composition and it was Esther day. But also I had some trouble sleeping because I was stressed out about some stuff. There are a lot of people waiting on me for things and some day I feel like I can meet all of my obligations, other days I don't feel like I can meet any. So to simplify my life and for the vibes I just wanted to share this video of some people from Complexly, DFTBA and other friends helping make the Project for Awesome Hankler fish art, which you can only get during the Project for Awesome. Thanks to everybody who ordered this year. It was hot and windy and we're sweaty and achy, but the work got done and it felt real good. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.