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1:20 - Are there any known negative health effects of tattoos? (edited)

2:32 - How much does family history play a role in depression, and postpartum depression?

3:21 - Is there any research on whether eye muscles are underutilized and/or can be trained?

5:45 - In regards to workout supplements and pills, does "pharmaceutical grade" mean anything? Are they more trustworthy?

7:10 - What medical advice did you often recommend as a pediatrician, but didn't follow as a parent?

9:00 - Everyone knows that you shouldn't clean your ears with Q-tips, but what are some better alternatives?

10:20 - What does the literature indicate about travel bans to contain diseases in the developing world (ie SARS)?

11:30 - What are the benefits/detriments of a ketogenic diet? The Mayo Clinic claims that it can lead to mental/behavioral detriments in the long term. Any good research?

12:56 - I no longer use hydrogen peroxide for wound cleaning. What about for teeth whitening?

13:51 - Every so often, I read about connections between dental health and overall health. If that's the case, why isn't dental care for adults included in the ACA or Medicare?

15:47 - You've talked before that consuming vast amounts of protein doesn't make you healthy or give you 6 pack abs. Why do fitness programs, body builders, and others advocate it then?

17:44 - Is it true that 'meth babies' being more likely to have a mental illness, when controlled for social economic status, doesn't really happen?

19:02 - Should we wash our fruits and vegs, and if so, is running water enough?

20:01 - Are vitamin D drops necessary for breastfeed infants who still get exposed to sunlight daily? I give them to my 2 month old son alongside of taking him outside in the morning. Is this overkill?

21:44 - What are muscle knots, and what does massaging them do to help? Do they help?

22:30 - My parents won't let me put a laptop on my lap, they heard it reduces sperm count. Is there evidence for this? Can you please tell them there's no radiation in my computer trying to murder my crotch?

24:35 - You mentioned that reading in the dark doesn't cause permanent eye damage, are there any common activities that we can limit that do cause permanent eye damage?
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