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In which Hank discusses his town...and not wanting to leave.


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(Outside) Good morning, John. It's Wednesday, April 19th. That's my house. (bird call) That's a Pileated Woodpecker! (looks up into tree) Where is he? That's nice. What isn't nice? Is what I woke up to find this morning in my front yard (sigh). (pans over to For Sale sign) My house is for sale. How the BLEEP did that happen? That, that's not OK, it's my house. You're not allowed to sell my house, Jack Wade. (sigh) Jack Wade is my landlord, and also Jack Wade works for Lambros Real Estate and sells houses, apparently sometimes he sells the houses that he owns. (inside) I like this house, this is a great house! It has this cool basement thing, where I can do my videos and work and put anime posters on the walls, and it's like three blocks from five different friends! 515,000 dollars cause it's this house and the house- (phone ring) (on phone) Hello? OK. Thank you, bye. (off phone) That was a mortgage broker. That's how I'm feeling about this. 515,000 dollars for this house and the house behind it. He's not selling one house or the other, he's selling both at the same time. Which is pretty annoying, really, because I don't want two houses, I don't really know that I want one house. But I figured I'd try and figure out how much that would cost. I probably should have just asked dad, cause now I'm getting calls from mortgage brokers all the time. They get very excited, they're very nice once you apply for a loan. As if life isn't already complicated enough, right? -love it in Missoula, there's not a lot of work, and the winters kinda suck, like today and yesterday were pretty horrible, so I guess the spring can suck, too. Plus, two of our friends who were maybe gonna move back to town? Aren't gonna move back to town. And that really sucks. The community is great, the people are great. It's a comfortable size for me, I can get my head around it, I know where everything is. Having to look for a new place to live and moving all of our stuff out of this house? That would be a HUGE pain in the ass. So I dunno, most likely scenario somebody buys the house, and they're glad that there's a renter in it, so that they can keep making money on the rent. We're very up in the air about this place. We're very up in the air about the future of our lives! I mean, where you live is extremely important, and I'm actually really starting to like having some roots here, you know? Being connected with a place, understanding the community. Knowing who to ask about when to plant garlic. Knowing the guy that runs the bookstore and talking to him about you and how great your book is and how much he liked it, and how he always has it featured because its kind of like a local author because his brother lives here. That's the kind of place I like. I can go down to that bookstore and I can tell you where people live by pointing at books in the local section. One of them? Lives in my backyard! Her house is for sale too! It looks like a pretty interesting book, it's called The God of Animals, and it's about a twelve year old girl, so it's kind of Young Adult, but I think it's being marketed as Adult Fiction. I like it so far, but I'm only through the first couple chapters. What do we DO? What should we doooo? My impulse is to stay. It would help if more people had that impulse cause I'm tired of watching friends leave this town. Well now you know what's going on with me, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow. (Brotherhood 2.0 logo) Quick unrelated thing: I wouldn't mind some comments or suggestions about this video podcast into. (plays)