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BONUS VIDEO: Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot plays it up on camera. He's a comedian.

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Hi guys, Jessi here at Animal Wonders, this is my friend Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot.  I think he's hilarious, and I wanted to share him with you.  Yeah.  Oh.  You would love that.  Good.  I hope you guys love that too.


Chopsticks: Ah-choo!

Jessi: You're funny, bird.  

Chopsticks: Silly bird.

Jessi: You're very silly, too.

Chopsticks: Pretty pretty bird.

Jessi: Oh, you're so pretty, too.  Are you cute?  You're cute.  Are you a duck?  I was going to say are you cute, but you brought up the duck.  

Chopsticks: I'm a duck.

Jessi: Are you a duck?

Chopsticks: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jessi: (Trills)

Chopsticks: (Trills)

Jessi: (Kissing noises)

Chopsticks: Gimme kiss.

Jessi: Gimme kiss.

Chopsticks: (Kissing noises)

Jessi: There ya go!  Good job.  Yeah.  Good bird.  

Chopsticks: (Laughing noises)

Jessi: You just keep at it 'cause I'm laughing at you.  Yeah.  Hahaha.  Want a treat?  Here you go.  Can you say thank you?  

Chopsticks: Thank you.

Jessi: What'd you hear?  It's a dog.  Oh, chop, chop?

Chopsticks: Chop, chop.

Jessi: That's how he got his name, that was the first thing he said when we first got him.  I said, "Hey, you wanna come on out, you wanna step out?" and he said, "Chop chop" and I said, "Your name's Chopsticks."

Chopsticks: Chop, chop.

Jessi: Yep.  Chop chop.  You think you're so funny.  You're hilarious.  Yeah.  You are.  Oh, tell me a secret, tell me, tell me.

Chopsticks: (Whistles)

Jessi: You're so much better at that than I am.  Yeah, you are.  You're hilarious.  

Chopsticks: (Laughs)

Jessi: We've got a comedian on our hands.  Alright, tell everyone I love you!

Chopsticks: I love you.