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This is pre-recorded, voting has closed pretty much everywhere in America now. You can, however, still submit pictures of yourself at the polling place at And if you want to help your hogwarts house you can go to and learn how!

(0:06) John: John Green. And we are here to...

(0:09) Hank: We're here to do stuff.

(0:11) John: We're here to do stuff? I thought we were here to get people to vote in the last hour or so that they can vote in great states like Iowa.

(0:21)  Hank: Yes. John, can you just talk for a while while I set up the channel to host us correctly?

(0:26) John: Sure. I'm gonna talk for a while. First, I wanna say thank you to everyone who has voted. So many people have submitted their pictures of themselves voting at don't forget to vote America! And we're really thrilled about that, even though we're going to spend a lot of money sending out stickers, we're still psyched! Thank you for doing that, thank you for being awesome, thank you to everyone who's voted. For those who are under 18, thank you for talking to your parents, your families, and your friends about the importance of voting. But here in the last couple of hours that it's still possible to vote we wanted to reach out directly to as many of you as possible.

So yesterday I called several dozen undecided voters who are also Nerdfighters, people who hadn't decided who they should vote for in swing states like Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, people all over the country and it was really wonderful to talk with them and I was again reminded of how smart and thoughtful Nerdfighters are, and it was great. It was really fun, but today is not the day to convince undecided voters to vote, today is the day to make sure everybody who can vote, does vote. 

(1:54) Hank: Bravo. I agree with you. I've got this more or less set up. It's not exactly what I wanted it to look like, but I don't know how to fix it. 

(2:04) John: As long as there's a direct link, and it appears that there is, that's all that matters. So I apologize, there's going to be some noise in the background cause I'm actually at an election... well I wouldn't say a party, cause it's just two families, but you know, with kids it's very loud, so. I'm, I'm tweeting now.

(2:25) Hank: Me too.

(2:26) John: Okay. So Hank, um, look. So if you live, there are many states where there is still the possibility of voting even if you are not even registered. So certainly if you have registered it's time. Now is the time to go vote. Do not try to do it in an hour. Now is the time to get, uh, to make sure you are at the polls. Your polling station is close by, I assume Hank is putting a link in the dobly-doo to tell you where your polling station is, but you can literally Google "where is my polling station" and there are a million websites that will tell you. Now is really the time if you haven't voted. But there are a few states- states like Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, where there's same day registration. So you can still and register to vote when you're at the polls. I think you have to make sure you have the right kind of ID and everything to make sure that you're, you know, Google your state's particular requirements, but uh, if you are over 18 and you live in one of those states you can still vote even if you aren't registered. So go to your polling place right now.

(3:38) Hank: Agreed. Uh, there is something that I've noticed about voting. A lot of things in life, you can regret them whether you do them or not. Um, like bungee jumping, you can be like "oh, I regret not bungee jumping", but then you actually do the bungee jumping and them it was like super terrifying and you sort of like never want to go over a bridge again and you vomited and it was sort of a bad experience, you could regret it once you've actually done it, so it's sort of a net neutral, like you're gonna maybe regret ot of you do it, you're gonna maybe regret it if you don't. But with voting, I'm pretty sure that every single time you vote you don't regret it and if you don't, you probably will at some point.

(4:22) John: I should speak to this.