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In which Lindsey and Nick talk about the new Sexplanations schedule and have a sit down to chat about the year that was 2013. ENJOY!

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Dr. Doe: Quick check-in before the holidays: if you haven't noticed already, our schedule has changed. We're now putting out videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays rather than Mondays and Wednesdays. This is because Nick works on Crash Course and with a new schedule, we have a saner Nick. There will not be videos on: Tuesday, Thursday, Tuesday. We'll see you again on January 2nd 2014! During this time off, I will be doing my best to respond to your messages: the ones you left and the ones that you may end up sending me after you spend time talking with your family about sex.

All right, Nick, you wanna come sit, and join me? We have some questions. 

Nick: Hello...

Dr Doe: What was the best part?

Nick: ...Of what?

Dr. Doe: I guess of Sexplanations because the person is- was prompted: what do you want Lindsey and Nick to answer before 2014 comes, and they said "What was the best part?"

Nick: ...Hmm. I would say um...well... I'll let you go first.

Dr. Doe: Okay.

Nick: What was the best part?!

Dr. Doe: [laughs] 

Nick: Well the best part for me... was getting to... sort of stay within education--

Dr. Doe: I thought this was like the hugs that I was getting...

Nick: The hug?

Dr. Doe: [laughs] "The best moment for me was getting to hug you!"

Nick: Ahh, got to stay within education but do something that I'm more passionate about which is uhhh psychology--

Dr. Doe: [laughs] SEX!

Nick: --more specifically sex. Because I feel like there's a big gap of sex education so this was very exciting for me on that level. What about you?!

Dr. Doe: I think that the best part was that I had this person on the other side of me as an active mirror all the time, being able to tell me when I looked grouchy, or didn't have energy, or needed to amp it up, or could change my, um, change the way that I said something to specifically get across the point that you knew I wanted to make.

Nick: Aww.

Dr. Doe: It's really cool.

Nick: Well thank you.

Dr. Doe: Yeah. You're welcome.

Nick: I should redo mine now...

Dr. Doe: No! What was your favorite episode?

Nick: Uhhh... favorite episode I think is still the vulva... I just like the- I like not only the content but the form. I just thought it all really came together well and I just thought... I like it and it seemed to really be an audience favorite--

Dr. Doe: Yeah

Nick: --like, our audience seemed to really like that episode, so... that one for me felt- felt good.

Dr. Doe: Well, I have to burp here. [clears throat]

Nick: [laughs]

Dr. Doe: Kay. Umm, I really enjoy watching... the first questions video.

Nick: Mmm.

Dr. Doe: The one that I kind of tried to, ahh, emulate John Green on his 100 answers...

Nick: Yeah...

Dr. Doe: ... in four minutes.

Nick: ... the rapid fire, yeah.

Dr. Doe: I like myself in there, I... I feel my energy and the other thing that I really enjoy watching are the bloopers.

Nick: [laughs] We need to do another one.

Dr Doe: Yes.

Nick: We haven't done one in a while.

Dr. Doe: Subbable perk.

Nick: I also like Havelock.

Dr. Doe: Yeah, Havelock.

Nick: I really like Havelock...I don't know if it's because Hank is in it but, I just, I like that- I like sex educators, so.

Dr. Doe: Do you have a squish on Hank?

Nick: I don't know. I don't--

Dr. Doe: You don't know if you have a squish on Hank?!

Nick: I don't think so.

Dr. Doe: Really?

Nick: Yeah. I have admiration, and... um...jealousy.

Dr. Doe: [laughs and claps] Who do you have a crush on? Somebody that they know.

Nick: Uhh Rashida Jones.

Dr. Doe: [laughs] What was the biggest challenge?

Nick: Time, I think, I think has always been our biggest challenge. Just 'cause I'm SO busy all the time. And our schedules are not always perfectly aligned with each other, so, um, I think that's--

Dr. Doe: As in they're the opposite of each other? [Laughs]

Nick: Yeah! They're usually the opposite of each other, um--

Dr. Doe: Ohhhh!

Nick: But, uh, with shifting the schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think that'll help quite a bit. But yeah, I've-- I've always felt that was the biggest challenge.

Dr. Doe: I think about annoying this like putting on makeup and trying to figure out what I'm gonna wear!

Nick: See I don't have to do that! So--

Dr. Doe: Yeah, so there's that. You do have to figure out how to get the--see, look, even here it's showing my bra. How to get these--he wants me to wear more collared shirts!

Nick: I want button-up collared shirts for her, you just clip the mic right on.

Dr. Doe: Yes, but I--

Nick: But she refuses--

Dr. Doe: Yes.

Nick: --to do this for me

Dr. Doe: I'm difficult sometimes. I [laughs] I am the biggest challenge to Sexplanations!

Dr. Doe: What goals do you have for Sexplanations?

Nick: I just want to keep educating people, that's what I want. I don't-- I don't really have a specific goal, because I've found that, like, especially on YouTube, I-- I feel like specific goals can kind of get you down sometimes, and rather I'd just have a broad goal of just continuing to educate people and continuing to get feedback on the education that we're giving. So, I, that's it, I just want to keep educating people.

I feel like, if we ever get to the point where it's stale and we don't feel like we have anything else to give, then that's when you stop.

Dr. Doe: I would like to do an episode on pedophilia, I would like to do a pelvic exam, talk about polycystic ovarian syndrome, and the different body fluids.

Dr. Doe: What are your proudest moments?

Nick: Proudest moments... might have been consent? The-- the , the consent episode?

Dr. Doe: You rocked it.

Nick: Yeah, 'cause I was really nervous about that, um, just making sure it not only told the story, but, um, I never worked with a nude model before so I wanted to make sure that she was comfortable and, and everything, so it was just-- I felt really good about the whole thing, and how it came out and everything so...

Dr. Doe: You did really, really well.

Nick: Well thank you!

Dr. Doe: I was proud of those moments as well.

Nick: Good.

Dr. Doe: other proud moments were when I could come in and zoom through [exasperated sigh] taping? Can we call it taping? In less than an hour--

Nick: Even though there were no tapes.

Dr. Doe: -- or like close to an hour! Yes, no

Nick: There was one we did, it was like just two weeks ago, that we did where she was like seriously we did a questions episode in fifteen minutes.

Dr. Doe: 'Cause I really wanted to go to my OULA dance class.

Nick: Abby's here to join us for these later questions.

Dr. Doe: Yay.

Nick: So what were our greatest trouble-shooting moments?

Dr. Doe: Yeah.

Nick: Um, we just had one where we were shooting with three people in this tiny office, which I'm hoping will look awesome, but I don't know yet, till I get in there and cut it.

Dr. Doe: It's, yeah. You'll, you work movie magic, Nick.

Nick: [laughs]

Dr. Doe: Even if it doesn't look the way we intend it too. It will ha..

Nick: Well, that's the thing...

Dr. Doe: ... It will have some sort of, mmmm, to it.

Nick: ... It rarely looks the way you envisioned it in your head.

Dr. Doe: Oh! My favorite are when I come to your office and we're editing, and we realize that we don't have something, or that that doesn't slide as smoothly to the next shot, and we just play around and come up with some of the coolest things.

Nick:  Yeah. Editing is where you can... Good editing can fix bad moments or moments that aren't there, we've done a lot of that.  Or just remove things that, it's not like, bad, but it just doesn't fit with the story that we're trying to do.

Dr. Doe:  What episodes are you most looking forward to? 

Nick:  Kinsey.

Dr. Doe: [laughs]

Nick:  I love Kinsey!  I love the dude!

Dr. Doe:  Do you have a squish on him? 

Nick:  Maybe I do!

Dr. Doe:  Okay.

Nick:  Maybe I do.  I just, I have a lot of respect for the guy and his wife. I think both of them.  Umm... So I'm excited about that and then you and I talked about doing a Body Image episode...

Dr. Doe:  Yeah.

Nick: ... on some level.  I'm really, REALLY excited about that too.

Dr. Doe:  I am looking forward to another round of summer to play outside. I don't know, that just doesn't happen, does it? 

Nick:  Shooting outside is very, very hard. Especially in Missoula because it is very compact, so any noise that's happening anywhere gets picked up on the microphone, so every time we tried to go outside, there was some sort of noise contaminant that we just couldn't deal with. The episode - the Tenting episode was supposed to be this super simple episode.  We went out to this park, and they were cutting down trees, and there was dump trucks and bulldozers...

Dr. Doe:  [laughs] We were in the wilderness!  And there was planes, trains... 

Nick:  Oh yeah!  Because it's right behind the railroad, so yeah. We want to do more outside and at different locations, but once the snow starts coming in and the ice starts coming in, it just becomes extraordinarily difficult to sort of get anywhere.

Dr. Doe:  What do you want to assign me for homework?

Nick:  Uh, movies. 

Dr. Doe:  Like?

Nick:  Uh... So I'm like, big into movies, and so is Lindsey, but our tastes seem to never overlap.

Dr. Doe:  Galaxy Quest!

Nick:  So I showed her Galaxy Quest, she'd never seen it, um... yeah. And, ah, so, like, there are a bunch of movies that I want you to see. I want you to see - and it's cool because I am totally into psychology, so I'm always talking to her about these psychology ideas I have about horror movies and stuff, but she doesn't like horror movies.

Dr. Doe:  Wait, wait. You need to explain to them why horror movies. So, Nick is a horror film expert.

Nick:  I am. I teach a horror film class at the University. So I take horror films very seriously, but mostly for psychological reasons, right? I mean, it's all about sociology and psychology, and zeitgeist, and all of that stuff. But, uh, there are a bunch of movies that have some really interest - she gave up - There are a bunch of horror movies that have some really interesting sexual things about them, and psychology things about them, that I just want to share with you. So the first one is going to be Let The Right One In.  What homework are you going to give me? 

Dr. Doe:  Okay.  Yes.  The homework that I am going to give you is to get an OkCupid account.

Nick:  OkCupid?!

Dr. Doe:  Yeah!  Why not? 

Nick:  [laughs]  All right...?

Dr. Doe:  You can cut this part out! [laughs] If you're..

Nick:  OkCupid? 

Dr. Doe:  It's a dating website that's free.

Nick:  OH!  She's very interested in the fact that I'm single.  So.  And making sure that I don't get lonely.

Dr. Doe:  I don't think you're lonely... I think that you have amazing people surrounding you - myself included. 

Nick:  I agree. 

Dr. Doe:  So I would like for you to have... whatever...

Nick:  Sex?

Dr. Doe & Nick: [laughs] 

Dr. Doe:  Have you been to Lisa's Pasty pa..plaplaplapla... Have you been to Lisa's Pastry...

Nick:  I'm leaving all of this in.

Dr. Doe:  I hope you do.  Have you gone to Lisa's Pastie Pastry - Pantry!  Have you been to Lisa's Pastry Pantry? [bleep] I can't do it. 

Nick: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dr. Doe: Lisa makes pasties in a...

Nick: Pastry?

Dr. Doe: Pantry.

Nick: Pantry! OK! Lisa's Pastie Paintr... Paintry.

Dr. Doe: [laughs] You can't do it either! 

Dr. Doe: What do you want Sexplanateers and Sexplanauts, those Subbable subscribed, subscribabled, to know?

Nick: [laughs]

Dr. Doe: That's, oh, this is a word that I'm making up. Subscribabled. 

Nick: Subscribabled. Taking a page out of Wheezy Waiter's book here? 

Dr. Doe: I ... mmm, squish.

Nick: OK, I kind of have a squish on Craig.

Dr. Doe: So what do you want Sexplanauts and, or what do you want Sexplaneteers and Sexplanauts to know?

Nick: Just about the show, or about...

Dr. Doe: Anything!

Nick: Anything? Umm, I want you to know that you are not what you like. 

Dr. Doe: Ooh.

Nick: You are not the movies you like or the TV shows you like or the books you like or the music you like. It's just one part of everything that makes up who you are.

When I was younger, it was a big thing that that sort of defined you, but that stuff doesn't define you. That's what I want you to know. One thing doesn't define you.

Dr. Doe: What do I want them to know? 

Nick: Yeah.

Dr. Doe: Oh wow. What do I want you to know? I want you to know a whole slew of things.  And so I think I'm going to put it in an entire video. 

Nick: Great! That's excellent. I think that's fair.

So for this one, we're going to trade off, so what do I want to ask you and what do you want to ask me.

Dr. Doe: OK.

Nick: OK. So you start.

Dr. Doe: [Laughs] 

Nick: If we, if Sexplanations becomes totally self-sustaining and everything, where would we move it to?

Dr. Doe: Golden, Colorado.

Nick: Golden, Colorado?  

Dr. Doe: Um hmm.

Nick: I've never been there. 

Dr. Doe: Me neither.

Nick: We're just gonna go. OK. 

Dr. Doe: I hear it's sunnier. It's got four seasons. There is a school there, so we'd be surrounded by some intellectuals. 

Nick: Right. OK, I can see that. 

Dr. Doe: Or Hawaii. Do you wanna go over the ocean with me?

Nick: I could do it once. So I don't think I could get back. I'm terrified of flying. There's something else I want you to know. I am absolutely terrified of flying. Going to the YouTube EDU summit was terrifying.

Dr. Doe: In California. He didn't go over water.

Nick: No, no. Didn't go over... there were a couple lakes. 

Dr. Doe: Yeah.

We need to psychologically rally and get you on a plane. 

Nick: Yeah, I have friends in both London and Australia that I would love to go see.

Dr. Doe: Great! 

Nick: But...

Dr. Doe: And there're Nerdfighter, Sexplanateer, Sexplanauts in both those places.

Nick: Yeah, I'd love to do a meet-up, either place. That would be awesome. I have always wanted to go to Australia. Period. Always. Even though everything there will kill you.

Dr. Doe: I wasn't going to include this, so you can cut this out, but, I was going to say that one of the best parts of this 2013 Sexplanations was when we were talking about you being introverted and I was saying, "Oh, yeah, it would be kind of fun for you at a sex club because all of these people would just lather you with attention, but oh, maybe you would be kind of timid and uncomfortable."

Nick: And what was my response? 

Dr. Doe: "Oh, I'm not timid."

Nick: [laughs]

Dr. Doe: And it was easily one of the sexiest things I'd ever heard. And I was blushing, and...

Nick: She did, she totally did.

Dr. Doe: Um hmm.

Nick: She just totally blushed and couldn't stop laughing. 

Dr. Doe: It's true.

Nick: Yeah. 

Dr. Doe: It was a good moment for you, Nick.

Nick: It was a good moment. That was a funny moment.

Dr. Doe: I think that's when I realized that you were sexual. 

Nick: Oh!

Dr. Doe: I mean, I suppose I knew it before that, but it was at that point that I was like, right.

Nick: Well, at that point you can't deny it, you have, you know, yeah.

Dr. Doe: You essentially told me what you were like.

Nick: Yeah, it was just really one phrase.

Dr. Doe: [makes growling noise] 

Dr. Doe: [laughs] It was so great! 

Nick: Any parting shots for everybody?

Dr. Doe: You guys are so awesome. I cannot believe what an amazing community has been wrapping us up.

Nick: Yeah, I agree.

Dr. Doe: I... I am motivated by you. I read your comments and I feel inspired to write more and stay up later to write more and to wake up and record with Nick and do it again if we don't make it on the first round, and...

Nick: We've only done that like once or twice.

Dr. Doe: Um hmm.

Nick: So I feel like we're doing alright.

Dr. Doe: Which were both really good calls.

Nick: Yes! Actually, they were. They were both very good calls. Because the next thing we did was, far surpassed both of those. So I thought that was good. 

All right. Are we signing off?

Dr. Doe: Yeah. How?

Nick: Continue helping us out on Subbable. The response has been great so far. Also, if you want to use the comment system there we're going to try using more of comments in Subbable, as opposed to YouTube because the whole Google+ thing has been kind of a nightmare. So go comment in Subbable, and even if you subscribe for zero dollars, that's great, because the more subscribers we have, it just makes us happier. So, um, head over to Subbable, subscribe to us, also check out the other creators, and see if there's anyone else there that you want to subscribe to, like CrashCourse or SciShow or Gunnarolla. Umm. I don't know, anything else to say?

Dr. Doe: Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Nick: What?

Dr. Doe: [laughs] Woodworking for Mere Mortals. 

Nick: Oh, woodworking. I thought you said "We're working for mere mortals" 

Dr. Doe: No. [laughs]

Nick: Yes, Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Dr. Doe: It's really fun.

Nick: Also a good channel. Yeah.

Dr. Doe: Um, along the Subbable lines, I don't, have you subscribed before to us? 

Nick: Have I?

Dr. Doe: If so, when you subscribe, what's really cool is that it brings whatever you post from, whatever we post from YouTube, and I think Tumblr, together, and so they're all in one form.

Nick: Yeah.

Dr. Doe: And it's constantly coming to you and it then has a better comment system. 

Nick: A much better comment system. 

Nick and Dr. Doe: Yeah. Bye!