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In which Lindsey shares some gratitude with everyone :)

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1. Hormones, with special guest skunk Lollipop from Animal Wonders.

2. My Visit to the Gynecologist including a tour of the instruments and my candid feelings about the feelings.

3.  Vagina Juice Mysteries Solved so that you know what the white, yellow, clear, red, and brown are all about.

4. Porn. Because we hit the $5,000 mark, I’m gonna give you the Dr. Doe rundown on pornography.

5.Votes are still coming in, but it looks like Religion and Sex and Cunnilingus are neck and neck.

I’m SO appreciative of your incredible generosity; paying Nick, me, admin, camera equipment, editing software. That’s you.


I’m so thankful!

Here are 10 sex related things for which I also have a lot of gratitude:

10.Vulcanization of Rubber (Condoms): In the early 1840s, Charles Goodyear in the US and Thomas Hancock in the UK developed a chemical process to alter rubber, called vulcanization, after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire. This invention significantly shifted protection and prevention modalities, made sex safer from infections and permitted people to have sex without as much risk of pregnancy.

9. Microscopes: In 1677, spermatozoa, sperm, were seen for the first time with a microscope! Before this, it was believed that pregnancy was the result of seminal vapors.

“Back Up, honey, give the vapors room to waft up into my ovaries.” Because they also thought that ovaries were where pregnancy (conception) took place.

I love this knowledge. It’s connected to my gratitude for contraception, because without knowing what causes pregnancy, it would be difficult to design a method to prevent it. Or in the case of people planning parenthood, to do that either.

8. Treponema pallidum: Syphilis’ bacteria: To be clear, I’m not thankful for the disease, I’m not thankful for the bacteria. I’m thankful that we were able to identify the bacteria so, like sperm, we knew more about the cause-effect relationship. With the profile of this bacteria mapped out, were able to design an antibiotic to target it and remove at least one major cause of sickness and death related to sex.

7. Cadavers: Mmm-hmm. Without them, we would still think bio-sex females upper torso is… is this emptiness? We’d still think the clitoris is a little nub when in fact it has roots that extend the length of the vulva. We wouldn’t know so much without cadavers.

Look a Da Vinci’s drawing. It presumes there’s a connection between the nipple and the vagina. It feels like it maybe, but definitely isn’t organized like this.

6.  Printing press: This would be Gutenberg’s invention. It gave us easily replicable, quickly transmittable, written word. That’s all these sex books, journals, and even more impressive, the accessibility of these things to more people. Before the printing press, these things were copied by hand, which meant they were expensive and rare. Because of the printing press, we can read them now, too.

5. Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia: So this may seem like a strange one, but for me, both of these entities are successful forms of public knowledge sharing. Peer education. And not only that, they’re widely accessible. If you want to know how to position yourself in the Italian Chandelier, Urban Dictionary.

4. Sex Education (i.e. Sexplanations): The Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia have LOTS of sex education, but I’m referring to the systematic way we teach people about their bodies: through peer review, scientific research, and curiosity we develop the best lesson plans to educate people about sexuality—we try at least. I think many of us know the catastrophic effects of not having good sex education.

3. Feminism: It’s what allows me as a woman to appreciate or do any of this!

2. Making Mistakes: It’s when we don’t get it right, and learn from it anyway. Medical doctors used to think that masturbation was physically harmful so don’t touch it! Then if you don’t, and you have wet dreams, it because of gonorrhea, and you’re gonna go blind, insane and die! It sounds like a comedic tragedy, but it was real. We made mistakes. This is why the top of my gratitude list…

1. Staying Curious: Goodyear was curious about the elasticity of rubber. Da Vinci,anatomy, and Pavlov, physiology. I’m curious about all things related to sex and I hope to inspire this in you.

There are tons of sex related reasons to be grateful, these are just 10 of them. Great reasons, yes. But not the comprehensive list, or even the top ones. Please tell us in the comments below what you’re grateful for sexually.

I plan on reading things like ‘blowjobs’ and ‘boobies’ in the comments, I think those things are great too. I hope though you think about them deeper, like thankful for abolition of sodomy that returned the human right to give and receive blowjobs without persecution or the breast exam technology that checks the health of boobies you fancy.

I hope you stay curious.

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