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Most videos on YouTube receives a large amount of their revenue from advertising. Our videos don't. We're marked as 'unsuitable' for most advertisers' and some are age-restricted so the content isn't available at all to people under 18. It's frustrating and certainly affects our abilities to grow and reach wider audiences. We not be sustainable if it weren't for alternatives forms of support, ways that you help.

1. where you can pledge to autopay on a monthly basis and get bonus perks for being our business partner in accessible sex education. Our podcast has a Patreon account too and it’s own set of perks at:

2. Shopping from our sponsors lets them know that their sponsorship is working and encourages them to keep backing our projects. in particular has been consistent and long-term support for us while also discounting their products for you.

3. has a link to our PayPal account if you prefer to make a donation

4. We also have a store on (as part of DFTBA) where you can buy shirts, posters, and more merch on its way. All JUNE 2018 profits from the sales of the rainbow Stay Curious tank top will go to LGBT+ creators and organizations. Here’s a direct link:

5. Wearing things we make or that you make with our message is a really cool way to support what we’re doing and get the word out.

6. Inviting Dr. Doe to speak at your schools and conferences is similarly beneficial.

7. Closed captioning videos and translating them into other languages increases accessibility and improves the sex lives of others in profound ways.

8. Sharing, liking, subscribing, commenting etc also help. This gets the message out in ways we can’t otherwise. It also increases the value of the channel to sponsors and the like interesting in funding shows with high engagement. And finally

9. You can send checks to Complexly at PO BOX 8147 Missoula MT 59807 and put Sexplanations in the memo.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all of you and the support you give just by watching/listening to our shows. Stay curious.

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I'm Dr.

Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show Sexplanations. [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH]. Most videos on YouTube receive a large portion of their income from ad revenue but our a income is negligible.

We've produced almost 300 episodes and every one that has a yellow dollar sign nex to it rather than a green one is deemed unsuitable for “most advertisers.” These are our top videos since starting Sexplanations in June of 2013 and the amount we've made from each view of them:. How to Make Toy Vaginas, Anal Sex, The Ultimate Blowjob Part 1, Anal Sex Prep, Dr. Doe's Pelvic Exam, The Ultimate Blowjob Part 2, Masturbation, 33 Masturbation Tips, Cunnilingus, and Sex Toys 101.

Which is all to illustrate that this advertising ecosystem doesn't value sex education or sex educators. And it certainly doesn't send the message that you are as important watching sexual self-care videos as you are watching everything else online. So you might be saying to yourself, “What!?” And I concur!

Sexplanations is important! It makes an enormous impact! Here's some evidence: “As a 17 year old growing up in a Abstinence only education, your videos have done wonders for me.

I have become in charge of my sexuality, great at communicating and being able to understand all the things vital for a healthy sex life. Thank you for all that you do for kids like me.” This isn't a unique situation. Only 13 of 50 US states are required to teach medically accurate sex ed.

Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas actually have to give students negative information about sexual orientation, if they even discuss sexuality at all. It's bad but there are countries where sexual information is even more unavailable. I learned a few weeks ago that our video on Wet Dreams, which I wrote for 11 year olds on the brink of puberty, has been age restricted!

We made it to remove the embarrassment around ejaculation and lubrication, body changes that aren't universally discussed. I wanted it to be a video that would encourage a sense of excitement about bodies and what's going on. Ohhh America, Oh World, Ohhhh YouTube, don't you want us to know this????

Right, so in a system that really limits how we get information out there -- a world that has a lot of sexual dysfunction and a platform that tends to quarantine sexual content, how do we get that info out anyway? How can you help? First, makes it pretty easy to say “I want to give one or two or ten dollars a month to Sexplanations.

Both the Sexplanations YouTube channel and Sexplanations podcast have Patreon accounts you can use. Click, click click, done. You're an official Sexpla(i)naut.

Over 1,400 of you are doing this so THANK YOU! Another funding source is sponsorship. Companies like provide meaningful support for Sexplanations, so when you use discount code DOE, we benefit.

Sexplanations also has a site and a store that brings in some monies. On, you can donate through PayPal here and click on the Visit Shop button. Clothes, posters, masturbating monsters coloring book, and a tank top! ...

Since a lot of the places where Sexplanations is used are approaching summer or stay fairly warm… I'm looking at you Australia! I love this map and thinking about all of you out there empowered to do the best you can for your sex lives. I feel especially fortunate to have met many of you at conferences and on campuses!

Strong financial health is important to us, but sharing Sexplanations is imperative to our mission. Reposting videos and podcasts, commenting on them, liking them (or disliking them), and subscribing all make sure that the knowledge we want people to have gets outs there. Closed captioning and translating - I can't emphasize enough how important these services are.

I love that Masturbation is in seven different languages, that Consent is in nine, and that almost all of our videos are closed captioned. This doesn't mean that advertisers are vying for our pre-roll spots, but it does influence more people to check us out -- some of whom add other languages, share their experiences in the comments, and support us on Patreon so everyone else can have free sex ed! Here's a breakdown of the age groups and some genders who use Sexplanations.

Kids in early puberty, teenagers, young adults, and older adults seeking accurate information to make better decisions. People who say: “This is the most important YouTube channel of all time, and probably the most helpful thing I can find in regards to sexuality.” “ someone who has always been shy about anything to do with sex, I just want to say you have helped me SO MUCH!! Your videos have given me so much confidence.

It has made a huge difference for me (and my husband!!).” “This should be a high school course.” I agree! I think what we do is awesome. If you've helped in any of these ways, even by consuming what we make so you're a more sex positive citizen, you're responsible for this!

You make Sexplanations possible! Thank YOU for staying curious! Some of you have asked how you can get money to us without a Patreon account: You can donate via Paypal button at

YouTube Red makes it so you don't get ads and we get paid. There's also putting a good ol' check in the mail to Sexplanations at PO BOX 8147. Missoula Montana 59807.

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