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Most videos on YouTube receives a large amount of their revenue from advertising. Our videos don't. We're marked as 'unsuitable' for most advertisers' and some are age-restricted so the content isn't available at all to people under 18. It's frustrating and certainly affects our abilities to grow and reach wider audiences. We not be sustainable if it weren't for alternatives forms of support, ways that you help.

1. where you can pledge to autopay on a monthly basis and get bonus perks for being our business partner in accessible sex education. Our podcast has a Patreon account too and it’s own set of perks at:

2. Shopping from our sponsors lets them know that their sponsorship is working and encourages them to keep backing our projects. in particular has been consistent and long-term support for us while also discounting their products for you.

3. has a link to our PayPal account if you prefer to make a donation

4. We also have a store on (as part of DFTBA) where you can buy shirts, posters, and more merch on its way. All JUNE 2018 profits from the sales of the rainbow Stay Curious tank top will go to LGBT+ creators and organizations. Here’s a direct link:

5. Wearing things we make or that you make with our message is a really cool way to support what we’re doing and get the word out.

6. Inviting Dr. Doe to speak at your schools and conferences is similarly beneficial.

7. Closed captioning videos and translating them into other languages increases accessibility and improves the sex lives of others in profound ways.

8. Sharing, liking, subscribing, commenting etc also help. This gets the message out in ways we can’t otherwise. It also increases the value of the channel to sponsors and the like interesting in funding shows with high engagement. And finally

9. You can send checks to Sexplanations at PO BOX 8147 Missoula MT 59807.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all of you and the support you give just by watching/listening to our shows. Stay curious.
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