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Michael Toad is a special toad, with special skills.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Michael: My name is Michael Aranda and I do stuff sometimes.

Katherine: ...some of them poop!
Hank: Aaah!
M: Hnnnnnnng! Hnnnnnnng!

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng.
H: Are you trying to kiss my bot...

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng.
K: Scusey
H: Huh.

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng! Hnng! Hnng!
H: I don't wanna go backwards I wanna go forwards!

M: Hnng. Hnng.
K: You afraid of me?

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng.

H: H n n n n n n g.

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng!

M: Hnng! Hnng! Hnng!

M: Hnng! Hnng!

M: Hnng! Hnng! Hnng!
K: What is that noise?
H: Huh! Huh! All Toad wants to do is poop.

M: Constipated Toad.

K: ...bouncy head.
M: Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!
K: Are you trying to turn back into a spore?

M: Hnnghnnghnnghnnghnnghnng. Hnng hnng.
K: I was... Never mind.
H: What's wrong with you?

M: Heheheheh.

M: Heheheheh.

M: Hnng.

M: Hnng.

M: Hnng.

M: Hnng.
K: those things.

M: Hnng. Hnng. Hnng.
K:... just. Hnng! Hnng! Hnng! Hnng!
M: Hnng hnng hnng.

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng.
K: Just hide. I'm stuck in this fricking...

M: Hnng.
H: Nope.

K: He's trying to find a pipe to poop down.

M: Hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng hnng.
H: Polka dot polka dot polka dot.

H: Hnng hnng.

M: Hnng. Hnng. Hnng.
H: Um, OK.

H: Katherine is just gonna get right underneath and jump. Good job. And Toad's got into his little dance!

K: Oh my God, Toad.

H: But we need something.
K: What are you doing Toad?

M: Um, I'm stuck.
H: Are you really?
M: Don't worry, I'll get out. Give me a sec.
K: He's well, he's practised at that maneuver.

M: Never stop.