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Featuring: Joan Miller, Christine Zora
Edited By: Marigrace Angelo
5 years ago several online and fan led communities rallied together in support of dozens of survivors who told their stories of abuse from within those spaces.

The support was strong and loud. We were angry and wanted to see change.

When we started we were just a group of college students who cared about the YouTube community and wanted to do everything that we could together to create a safer space. It became clear though that we coudn't just remain a task force, that the issues that were facing the YouTube community required a long term response and it became clear that those issues weren't unique to the YouTube community, that lots of online communities were dealing with issues of consent and coercion. So it became clear that we needed to found a nonprofit.

And that's how Uplift was born. [Christine] Here are some of the ways that Uplift has been able to make online communities better in the past 5 years. We've provided resources for parents and teens on consent and healthy relationships, we've created campaigns like the safer community pledge, #LoveNotPotions, or #NoMagicInAbuse. We've provided trainings for community leaders on how to create codes of conduct, how to moderate discussions and how to create positive communities.

We've presented panels for fans on rape culture in the Harry Potter fandom, or on creating positive fandom. Through the resources and trainings that we've developed over the past 5 years, we've empowered conventions communities to be safer for everyone, both at the leadership level, staff and volunteers, and at the community level, people attending the events. From Harry Potter to Anime to YouTube, Uplift continues to reach communities and provide resources and support in the ways that work for them and help them most.

We teach people how to respond to issues and help to build safer spaces going forward. Most of all, we empower communities to make a difference themselves, trusting that they can support each other. We look forward to the next 5 years of reaching and working with the communities we know and love by partnering and working with you, our fellow community members.

We couldn't do it without you.