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Some names of people in this video need to be identified in the right places, when they speak.

Will: Did you ever imagine when you first started doing this, that we would be here, in amazing LA with Vlogbrothers and Project for Awesome and contributing all this great work to help amazing people around the world?

Lisa: I visualized this exact thing.

Anthony: We did it because we were bored and we wanted to start making some videos.

John: In 2007, the Vlogbrothers channel - our channel on YouTube - our viewers, we all came together with a lot of people in the YouTube community, and for one day, on December 17th, we took YouTube over for charity, with comments and ratings and favorites, so that all the most viewed pages on YouTube were videos about charity, instead of videos about cats on Roombas.

(upbeat, inspiring music plays)

Christina: My name is Christina Horner, and my charity this year is Save the Children.

Paws for Princess.

Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The World Wildlife Fund.

To World Vision.

Mr Hollin's Opus Foundation

Students First.

A home away from homelessness.


hiimRawn: The Valencia Project.

Ian: Project for Awesome 2010!

John: There's gonna be lots of awesome stuff.

Tay: I'm Tay Zonday, and I'm here with Philip DeFranco.

Hi, I'm Noah and I work at YouTube.

Yay Zonday: Michelle Phan.

Marina: I'm so excited to be here, thank you so much!

Michael: Hi! It's Michael Buckley! Fluffy dogs, fluffy speaks!

Lucas: Hey YouTube, it's Lucas.

Michael: Britney Louise Taylor and SwiftKarateChop mafia!

Queen beauty!

Michael: Woo!


Michael: And?

Olga: Olga Kay!

Will: So Will of DC here.

Justine: Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Craig of Mediocre Films.

Tay Zonday: Dane Bow.

Anthony: I'm Anthony from SMOSH.

Michael: Yes!

Will: Freddy Wong, DeStorm and MysteryGuitarMan.

(montage clips)

John: We're gonna be talking about innovation in education.

Man: Education is a human right for everybody.

Justine: Now, you're the COO of Jonas

So we're a website that provides um- makes- enables teachers to become change makers.

So we do lessons that are just crazy, yet we know we have to go out and buy it ourselves.

Open University is the premier university that's provided distance learning across the globe. A message from our Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean:

Martin Bean: Please check out the Project for Awesome channel to find out more about the Open University.

John: We're gonna be talking about health-

Michael Buckley: This is Richard, who is the deputy chief executive of beat bullying.

Beat bullying works with children and young people who are being bullied, and those who bully.

Michael: And YouTube is a safe place. You can be yourself and you can make a living doing it. And you can make a difference by being yourself on camera, and there's a girl watching at home right now who is skinny and getting picked on, and she's looking at you saying "it's gonna get better".

You know, we both love Marilyn Monroe.

Michael Buckley: So this is a Marilyn Monroe look? Have you seen yourself yet?


Michael Buckley: Would you like to, or do you wanna take a pass?

I think I'll pass.

Michael Buckley: Okay! (laughs) Save the Children!

In a nutshell, we're trying to make kids happier and educated and protected all around the world.

Justine: I hope you guys are counting how many times awesome is said!

John: We're going to be talking about poverty.

Hank: Um... We are opposed to it.

John: We're opposed to poverty! Strongly.

?: Our primary objective is, is to give people safe water and sanitation around the world. -start, you can go to and one you can do is donate money, and it only costs us $25 to give someone safe water for the rest of their life.

(time-lapse of women walking to a well)

?: And what Partners in Health does is, at our heart, we're a social justice and healthcare organization.

Corey: I wish for world peace.

Craig: That's a little vague!

Justine: You guys are, by far, the most awesome people ever.

John: We're gonna be talking about children's needs around the holidays.

Sgt. Poole: Toys4Tots is the Marine Corps community service program.

John: I'm here to talk about Esther Earl, a really important member of the nerdfighter community. And we were all able to have two days together in Boston. She died a couple of months later. We miss her desperately. I know that it was one of the best days of my life.

Shay: Rachel and Paige, and they are so nervous right now! (They laugh) Stop it!

When I was 11, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Make a Wish came to me and they asked me what my wish was.

Ian: Here's twenty dollars! Making it rain!

Anthony: Oh, my god!

Ian: (sings) Charity rain!

Kassem G: This whole thing is really great. Hands up to John and Hank!

?: And what's so great now is the YouTube community is a complete distribution system. This content just travels around the world.

Will of DC: Make sure you keep hashtagging P4A to keep it trending.

Hank: Um, online communities can get together and organize to do really big things!

?: I mean, I just expect to be able to wake up in the morning and be alive!

?: Upload a video and you see millions of people watching, millions of people subscribing - it's just huge numbers!

Tay Zonday: -awesome for Project for Awesome.

?: Thank you guys so much for being so awesome.

John: -us, and for reminding us that YouTube is truly made of awesome. Hank?

(everyone cheers)

(clip of kittens playing with a Roombas)

Tay Zonday: Kittens are awesome!