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In which Emily Graslie, Emma, and Mike flub up All The Things for your amusement!

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Created by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Mike is also a Young Adult novelist. His book, THE END GAMES, is available at all online booksellers, including
Indiebound ( ) and Amazon: (

Hosted by:
Emma Mills, Emily Graslie, & T. Michael Martin

Edited by:
T. Michael Martin

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green

One, two, three, hey!

Steve Jobs famously said, uh...

But remember what Benjamin Franklin said, "Everything in moderation-" is not what he said.

To quote Kiplinger Magazine, "These are mostly-free digital replicas-" I'm so sorry. Oh my god.

This could be a whole bloopers reel, this, this, this video itself.

Let's talk some real talk here... Oh God, okay, about nothing -

This will help you from keeping - mmm? (laughs) This'll help you from keeping... like a coherent person.

I wish I had known that it's actually really- (laughs) I wish I had known that it was really loud backstage, behind events at VidCon.

Uh, whenever you're ready. Cool. There's a crying baby.

Symptoms... Siren.

Steve Jobs famously said... Wow! Somebody getting murdered outside? No! Oh, they're wedding pictures. Ohhh kay. Gaw, people being happy...

You look taller than me. (laughs) You don't have to hunch.

What is your favorite adult beverage? I've never tasted alcohol- I'm sorry. (laughs) But you'd think Mike was drunk in this moment!

How closely do you guys stick to the script?

If no- mmm. Ad-libbing, nope!

Depression is not... something.

Let's say the whole thing together like a big adult person.

When I realized I'm a hangry person, I felt a little... I felt like I knew something more about myself, and I also was like, 'Why does it have such stupid words,' and I was like, 'It's cause I'm hangry right now.' (laughs)

So we've been getting these questions lately about how to procrastinate more... NO!

Just put that in there... Gahhh!

I woulda-

... to do, look at- (noises)

Strategy number 4: uh oh. Don't ruin this for me, Mike. (sneezes) Excuse me. 

There are so many underutilized scholarships and grants out there from... places...

I had some friends who repeatedly told me that I should...

This could be like our morning talk show setup. (sings) Yeah. Like, 'Ha-ha, so...!' 'That was the traffic on the freeway...'

How's my hair? Wonderful. It's full of secrets. (laughs)

I was ready. (laughs)

This is How to Adult, not How to Immature.

(sings) And that's not... the playoff for this series.