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Join Nature League and host Brit Garner as we explore life on Earth and ask questions that inspire us to marvel at all things wild.

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Nature League is a Complexly production
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Some philosophers and scientists believe we are now living in a post-natural world, that humans have so changed the Earth that there is no more of the wild. For me, I need look no further than the amazing forms and processes of life on Earth to find answers to these questions that challenge us in this present era.

My name is Brit Garner, and I am obsessed with all things alive. Here on Nature League, we'll explore life on Earth together and ask questions that inspire us to marvel at all things wild. Each month will have a different theme and each week will have a different format. This will let us explore the basic as well as the complex by having lesson plans, conversations with friends and other scientists, breaking down the peer-reviewed literature, and even going on walks and sharing thoughts.

Join me each week and we'll explore the amazing living systems around us and the mechanics that drive them. Our journey begins next Thursday, so make sure and visit, subscribe, and tune in to our first lesson plan on our first monthly theme: Life on Earth.

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