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In which Hank is in CHARGIO.

Hello! Last time on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I saved Pietro, and I found the real traitor, and I saved Machiavelli's life, and it was great!

And then I recorded a bunch more stuff computer crashed. And so I lost it all, and now I'm going back and I'm replaying the memory, which means I may not get all the cutscenes, which I am somewhat disappointed by. But we'll see how it goes.

So I'm going to go to to my house here and see what happens. B to interact with the sparkly bit.

So, we are back! I'm excited to be back playing Assassin's Creed, but I am upset that I lost a bunch of stuff, and I'm not sure how it's going to go. But, we're getting the cutscenes so let's hope it works.

 (0:45) Discussion: La Volpe, Ezio

That guy is so cool!

La Volpe: ...French and Papal forces are in disarray.

Ezio:Then it is almost time. Call the Assassins together. And...bring Claudia.

Volpe: Now?

Ezio: Yes.

Hank: OK, that's exciting. I've seen all this before, so I know what's going to happen. But YOU maybe don't. Look at us all!

 Assassin Gathering

I need more Assassins.

Machiavelli: (??)

Hank: What language is this?

Machiavelli: The meaning of our Creed is revealed through these words.

Hank: What does it mean? Tell me what it means!

Machiavelli: We work in the dark to serve the light.

Hank: Yes! You're about to say something really creepy, if I remember correctly.

Ezio: Claudia. We here dedicate our lives to protecting the freedom of our family.


Ezio: Mario, our father and our brother once stood around this fire, fighting off the darkness. Now, I offer the choice to you. Join us.

Hank: This seems really dangerous to me. I don't like this idea! I...uh..I mean...euuuurgh...I mean at least you don't have to get your finger...

Oh wow, she bore that well. Look at her she looks fine, she's like oh, whatever. You know, clamp me with red-hot iron on my finger, that's cool. At least you don't have to get it cut off like Altair did.

Machiavelli: You and I don't see eye to eye on many issues.
Ezio: Niccolo--
Machiavelli: But, you are exactly what the Order needed. You have led the charge against the Templars and rebuilt this Brotherhood.

Hank: I don't know why they didn't keep with the finger cutting off. I liked that.

Machiavelli: Now, we must put Ezio where he belongs. At the head of the Assassins.


Machiavelli: Ezio Auditore da Firenze. You will now be known as Il Mentore.

Hank: That's because I'm so awesome. I don't know if you've noticed how awesome I am. Am I gonna give a speech. Good speech! You have to give a good speech! Don't mess this up, you're the mentor now.

Ezio: When others blindly follow the truth, remember....
Assassins: Nothing is true

Hank: Yeah, that was the creepy part I remembered. Uh...weeruuugh. This part too.

Ezio: When other men are limited by morality and law, remember.
Assassins: Everything is permitted.

Hank: Uhh...nothing is true and everything is permitted. Eurgh. To live that way, my goodness.

 On the rooftop

Hank: And, she learned how to do that good!

Ezio: Why the sudden change of heart.
Machiavelli: I have always stood by you. I was the one who brought you to Rome, and the one who caused the explosion as you fled the Castello. The mercenari who protected you at Il Colosseo were mine as well. You just did not know it.

Hank: He's always behind the scenes, doing good and bad stuff.

YESSSS. Where did that guy come from? And where did he go? We're on a rooftop! I didn't hear him open the door.

Machiavelli: Go kill them, Mentore. Finish what you started.

Hank: Haha, alright! Let's end this. Let's END THIS!

Machiavelli: I intend to write a book about you one day.
Ezio: If you do, make it short.

Hank: See, that's clever because Machiavelli's book is very short. And it's called Il Mentore. No it's not, but might as well have been. About ME, Ezio Auditore/Hank Green/Desmond Miles. It's so METTAAAAA

 Infinite Grid

So now we're going to get (*sings) infinite grid! Infinite grid! I'm running around in that infinite grid! I can run anywhere in any direction except up and down! Up and down! (*end singing*)

That was the infinite grid! So that was the end of that memory. Alright. So clearly, now we start Memory 7. And I haven't done any of this. So let's do it. We're going on to Sequence 8, so start.

Let's do it. Let's go. Why can't I do it. (*button mashing noises*) Why can't I do it? Helloooo? Pushing the button! Anyone understand what's going on right now?

 Assassin Recruit

*background noise*
Okay, I don't know. Let's play Assassin's Creed! *laughs*
So I'm pretty sure that I'm approaching the end of Assassin's Creed here. So I should probably do stuff while I still can.

Hello, that thing! 2 of 101! Oh, I am so good at collecting stuff!

I'm just getting up here because I want to see what's up, and where I am and where I'm going.

(5:34) So, what are these things? Recruit Assassins. I should go up there are recruit those Assassins. They're so many of them! Oh my god, they're everywhere now. How many Assassins can I recruit? Okay, let's do this thing!

Alright, so I'm not going to play any more of this game because I don't want it to end. So now I have a bunch of stuff that's not missions to do, like recruiting Assassins, and creepin' on the ladies...

And I'm totally, there's a big body of water here so I'm going to have to jump into that. (*splash*)

And getting all the war machines! I'm only halfway done with the war machine missions. So yeah!

I'm the kind of video game player who will finish a game really fast, and not..OH COME ON! I didn't realize I was so notorious! Why am I so notorious, that's lame.

Where is this person? I'm about to bring some trouble down on some people. Owwwwww...owwww...let my Assassins take care of it for me.

WHY do I keep jumping in this thing?

(7:05) Right, well done Assassins. That is a long sword. And HEWN! That's what they call it, HEWN. I hewed you. Good job Assassins, you're so awesome. Thank you for the help.

Apparently I am underneath where I need to be. I don't understand where I'm going. Is it up here? Usually they're on the ground. Okay!

Yeah, I got you both at the same time! That was no problem. Hey, why are you facing the wrong way? Ezio! Stab people! That's what you do!

Talk to the citizen...Hello! I'm pressing Y because I would like to talk.

I love it when I get girl assassins! She's tiny

Lady Assassin: My life is at your side!

Hank: I will use it for good, I promise! Or not. I cannot actually guarantee that.

 Assassin Recruit #2

(8:23) What are you? Dottore. I don't need a dottore, thank you very much.

You press mosquitoes here? That sounds like what he said.

Look at all this stuff! There's so much stuff in Rome, it's wonderful! Horse stables....okay, I'm going to go get that Assassin. I feel like I need as many Assassins as possible--I don't know if that's true or not, but that's how I--why did I drop down just now.

Excuse me! Excuse me, pardon me! Scuse me, pardon me! Everybody out of my way, I have to go recruit Assassins!

Nope, nope...


Hank: NNGH! I love the noise he makes when he falls down. Ohh, I'm still notorious! I should also get less notorious.

Scuse me, pardon me. Scuse me pardon me. You may have heard *terrible Italian accent* I am a busy man. I don't have a-time for your BS.

I need to go recruit more Assassins, okay. Where is he? I don't see it--AUGH *fighting noises*

There's a lot of them. Oww! That's my friend you just hit my frieennnnd not okay!

Gah, why are there so many of them? I need my bone dagger! What just happened? I just fell over like for no reason!

Alright let's fight. Let's do this.

I didn't even make contact with that guy at all.

Where am I, why do I keep falling over?

Stay within range of the citizen? What's going on, I don't know what's going on? The citizen has been killed, WHAT? I didn't...

Don't you kill my Assassin, bitch! Aw man, that was a DISASTER. That went so poorly, I can't believe it! I need to deal with my..notoriosity! It is too high! How do I do that? Let's deal with some notoriosity here.

 Dealing with Notoriosity

(11:05) There's those...Rosa in Fiore...tunnel entrance...where is the thing where I can just kill a guy and be okay? The posters take forever! This is the bribey? I can bribe that guy, let's bribe that guy.


NPC: Most impressive

Hank: Yeah, I know, I'm very impressive. I..well, you know I'm just a cool dude. You don't have to be so surprised by it all the time.

Looking for a poster, I'm right on top of it. There it is.

Ezio: NGH!

Hank: NGH! Okay! Rip it down *nonsense voice* WHA PUU AAHP THI POSA THAGASUCKS. I'm so close to have it gone but it is not gone.

This is going to be quite a jump. Didn't hurt though. Hello! Oh come on!

Don't come get me, I bribed the herald! I'm not notorious anymore. Good, I've lost my notoriety.

Thanks for my stuff back! That's just hilarious that you can do that.

What? Why, I'm not notorious! Stop chasing me all the time! Man.

Well, okay. I'm going to continue my quest to increase my number of Assassins, next time on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Thank you for watching me and hanging out with me during this. And I'm going to get, hide for a second first, but then I will do and I, I it will be good. Goodbye!