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Two thirds of penises are intact, meaning they have foreskins in place keep the head of the penis moist and soft. Here's a lesson on how to put a condom on a penis like the ones that most people with penises actually have.

Special thanks goes to a sex educator who created the original version of this video. While this person wants to remain anonymous, they don't go unappreciated or unrecognized for their work.
I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show, Sexplanations. Today's episode is sponsored by Adam &, where you can get all of my favorite condom brands for cheap.


Phallus. This represents a penis, but it can be whatever you want to put a condom on. Foreskin. I made this fabric sleeve to function like the prepuce on the model because two-thirds of the world's penises are intact. Mine moves pretty fluidly over the glans, or head, here, but others might be taut and not retract at all. There are lots of variations across phalluses and foreskins. My intention is to give you a guide to putting condoms on them that covers just about all of them. Get it? Covers?

Condom. This one is made out of polyisoprene because I'm sensitive to latex, but latex condoms work the same way. The first step is to make sure the condom isn't all banged up, compromised, or expired. A good way to do this is to check the packages for holes or tears. Read the date correctly, usually year then month, then keep it out of harms way until you're ready to use it. I keep my demo condoms in this drawer, and I keep my personal condoms in a simple glass jar on my nightstand. Some companies make nifty carrying cases that you can toss in your purse or backpack. This is one I made out of a cotton swab container. What I wouldn't do is put condoms in your back pocket or wallet where they could get smashed and damaged.

This condom has grooved edges that make it easier to open. Most wrappers do. Pull the condom to the side, out of the way. Tear gently. You don't want to be so aggressive that the condom breaks or falls out. Carefully remove the condom. Not all, "I got you now!" Then once you have the condom in your fingertips, not your fingernails, you're at the most challenging part. You have to identify which way the condom unrolls. There's a 50% chance of getting it wrong if you don't know what you're doing here, a huge source of user error. So I need you to focus!

If the condom looks like a beanie, then you're good. If the ring is flipped up inside, not good. Another way to make sure it's correct is to test it on your thumb. If it unrolls smoothly, yes, that's right. If it kind of catches and stretches, that's the wrong way. Turn it over.

Now, if the condom is going to go on a penis that might ejaculate, it's important to leave room at the tip for the semen to pool. I also put a little water-based or silicone lube there so that the extra material feels slippery on the penis. Mmm.

You're going to want to hold that first little bit closed so it doesn't fill with air. Use your other hand to pull back the foreskin, set the condom on the head, and roll it halfway down. Here's the cool part: you can grip the penis like you would for a handjob and slide upwards so the foreskin moves back over the top. Make sure you roll the rest of the condom down. And just like that, the whole penis is safer while having all of the pleasurable advantages of a foreskin doing its thing. If the foreskin doesn't really move back and forth, maybe due to phimosis, you can roll the condom over it, leaving it in place. Or use an in condom, which will probably feel the best.

Practice different techniques and try a bunch of different condom brands to find the one that's best for your phallus. Bodies are all unique, so my hope is that you will find a method that's helpful to you and you stay curious.

One last thing: you can get condoms from clinics, gas stations, and grocery stores, but recommendation, and not even because they support this channel so you can have free sex education, is, because, 1) they have a huge assortment of condoms, flavored, textured, colored, etc., 2) they have sample packs so you can find the brand that's best for you without committing to a whole box, and 3) they're half price. When you use the discount code DOE, which is my last name, will give you 50% off an eligible item in your shopping cart and free shipping if you live in the US or Canada.