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John and Hank play FIFA and their mom tries to explain that, although John is a better FIFA player, Hank was actually a terrific soccer player. John is not convinced.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank and John's mom: Do you know what's funny?

Hank: That was bad! That was bad!

John: What?

Mom: Was that Hank was the better soccer player.

Hank: In real life?

John: Well believe it or not mom...

Mom: In real life he is actually very good at soccer.

John: Well, I wouldn't say Hank is very good but I would say I was very, very bad.

Mom: He was the goalie.

Hank: I was, I was a goalie.

John: Yeah...

Mom: Hank was very good.

Hank: Which immediately makes you good.

John: Alright.

Hank: That's proof!

John: He must have been good, he was the goalie because, you know, they don't just put any six year old back there.