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I still want to know what happened to those fish that escaped from the dentist’s office in ‘Finding Nemo.’

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1. Boy, that sucks…
“First record of the non-native suckermouth armored catfish Hypostomus cf. niceforoi (Fowler 1943) (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from Central America,” W. A. Matamoros, C. D. McMahan et al. Occasional papers from the Museum of Natural Science, LSU (2016):

“WWF and the aquarium trade in the Amazon and Orinoco - Buy exotic fish, save Amazon rainforests,”, retrieved 8.31.16:

“Don’t dump that aquarium: Cute aquarium fish become ugly monsters in springs and streams,” Larry D. Hodge. Texas parks and wildlife magazine, retrieved 8.31.16:

2. Emily’s relationship advice…

“Comparative genomics reveals convergent rates of evolution in ant-plant mutalisms,” Benjamin E. R. Rubin & Corrie S. Moreau. Nature communications (2016):

“Peaceful ant-plant partnerships lead to genomic arms race,” Elizabeth Pennisi, Science Magazine (2016):


Host, Producer, Set Design: Emily Graslie
Written by:Emily Graslie, Mark Alvey, Kate Golembiewski, Matthew Northey
Contributions from: Corrie Moreau, Caleb McMahan, Pete Makovicky

Camera, Editor, Graphics, Sound: Sheheryar Ahsan

Camera, Graphics, Animation: Brandon Brungard

Music: Jason Weidner

Additional footage: Greg Mercer
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