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Kizmit the African Crested Porcupine makes her first set of paintings! This is a fun and interesting experience for her and it's wonderful enrichment. You can find her paintings for sale on our website, quick link:

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Hey guys.  We're here at Animal Wonders.  Today we're going to do something pretty fun.  We're going to paint with an animal.


Now the reason we paint with some of our animals is because it's a new experience for them.  They get to feel new feels and smell new smells.  It's behavioral enrichment.  It's really fun.  Now, to set up, we need an open room, lots of floor space, and clothes that I don't mind getting paint on.  

Then I'm going to put the canvases down on the newspaper, just around, kinda random.  Alright, here we go, let's put the paint down.  Gonna put it in between the canvases so that when she comes through, she'll hopefully step on the paint and then step on the canvasses.  That's a good noise.  This is all non-toxic paint so if the animal did eat this, they wouldn't get sick.  Okay.  I mean, I hope they won't eat it, but they could if they wanted to.  Now I'm just gonna spread it out a little bit so when they walk in it, they'll get nice and covered on their foot.  

Come on in.  Here we go.  Oh my goodness, what do you think?  What's that?  That's paint.  Hey guys, this is Kizmit, the African crested porcupine and she has never painted out here before so this is all brand new.  You can see she's a little on edge.  But uh, she doesn't seem to mind the paint at all.  Wanna say hi to Matt?  He's over there behind the camera.  I'm bringing the food out as treats just to make sure that this stays a positive experience.  I know, you tell him that he has a strange camera.  What do you think about all this paint?  Oh, that's so pretty.  Look at your little foot.  She keeps checking back into me for security.  This is a great experience for her.  Like I said, it's enrichment, it's getting her to experience new things.  That's great for animals.

Look at you, tromping all over it like a pro!  Oh, slip-sliding?  What do you think about that, that sliding?  Look at her cute little feet, guys.  She spends a lot of time digging in her big dirt-floored enclosure.  She loves making tunnels and hills and valleys.  Her feet are perfect for that.  She has very large claws.  Let's get this painting right here.  Good job.  Alright, I think we did a pretty good job on these paintings.  What do you think?  They look fantastic.  Nice work.  
So, after we have fun painting with an animal, we then put these paintings up for sale on our website so that we can raise funds to help buy more food and take care of these guys, so it's fun for them and it's also beneficial for them, too.  Alright, you can see that your feet are covered in beautiful colors of paint.  Again, it's non-toxic.  As soon as she goes out in her dirt-floored enclosure, it's gonna wipe right off and she'll be fine, so she'll be clean tomorrow.  Good girl.  She would not appreciate a bath so I won't subject her to that.

Alright, guys, I'm going to go ahead and bring Kizmit back to her home.  Thank you for going on this fun adventure with us.  If you'd like to go on an adventure every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel AnimalWondersMontana.  Thanks, guys.