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In which Hank talks about nerdfighters and fireworks and tubing and then chats some with John.


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(Camera spins) Good morning John, it's Friday, July 6th. (fireworks) If you have a chance always watch fireworks from slightly above. And that's why it's amazing to live in a town that's surrounded by mountains. Yay for American independence! It means that I'm on the even days, and I don't have to do a song next Wednesday. Not that I don't like going the songs. It's good for me. I agree, but it's hard. And I'm busy. (takes a bite) I'm so busy that I have to eat while I'm doing Brotherhood 2.0 because I don't have time to do Brotherhood 2.0 today. Because I'm going tubing today. Tubing is what we do in Missoula when it gets too hot. Instead of air conditioners, we just go and sit in the river. Which is actually extremely pleasant. Sittin' on a river letting it take you where ever it wants to take you. That is probably my favorite part of the summer. Possibly my favorite part of the entire year. So when tubing season arrives, which is generally when the temperatures have three digits in them, I am so happy to be able to hop into the river. (image of three people doing salute) Did you see what these three Nerdfighters did? When they said that they made a sign that said Nerdfighters in their driveway I was picturing, you know, a regular sized driveway. Turns out that they have a very very big driveway. In fact it's probably the driveway for about 300 different people who live in their apartment complex and they wrote Nerdfighters covering the entire driveway! We're takin' about a Nerdfighter sign with every letter roughly ten feet tall. Also in their email to us they said that some policemen came by to harass them a little bit about their use of the Nerdfighter sign. But they stayed strong, and the convinced the police officers that Nerdfighters is indeed not a bad word, nor does it have anything to do with terrorism. And they were allowed to go free. John, I'm a little bit confused about your decision to declare "email bankruptcy" when we go financially bankrupt that's a bad thing. Like a really bad thing. But you seemed really excited about going email bankrupt. In fact ever since you heard about the idea you were really into it. And I'm afraid that you should take it a little bit more seriously. Going email bankrupt is a really big deal. In fact I'm going to try and get you on iChat so we can talk about this face to face. Beeraaaaaghhrraaahuuuuuhhhooooh. I just instant messaged you. But the silver lining is that you instant messaged me back. John (on phone): To what do I owe the pleasure of your instant message for the first time in seven months? I'm so mad at you! I uh, shouldn't have said anything. I should have just walked away. And said nothing. But I said Dude you're so punished. Clearly textual communication. Why did I say that? Hank (laughs): I don't know, John. I was trying to get you to notice that I was on video chat! John we are very stupid. Nerdfighters? We're gonna need some punishment ideas, I'll see you on Monday.