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Hank and Katherine start off on World 1-1 to rescue the princess and Hank explains the bizarre and abstract plot of the world's most popular video game franchise.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank and Katherine play Super Mario Brothers Wii
Katherine: Wiiiiiii!
Hank: Oh a cake with a radish in it.
Katherine: All kinds...That...and some sunglasses.
Hank : Yeah, never...never give your girlfriend a cake with sunglasses or a radish.
K: That's just asking for trouble...I hate...
H: Now there's a Peach in that cake too? That's just...that...that is a lot of unappetizing ingredients for a cake.
K: Yeah, don't really like fruits in my cake.
H: I like chocolates in my cake, mostly.
K: Yes. Mostly chocolates
H: Mints, like chocolate mints as well.
K: Mints. Mints is good.
H: Thin mint cake.
K: Nuts.
H: We had a Thin mint cake for our...
K: We did kind of.
H: Nuts...nuts are ridiculous...there's no reason.
K: I love nuts.
H: No reason to put a nut in a cake.
K: I love nuts.
H: It's like, "oh, wasn't that cake de...oh no it's not good."
K: It's not like raisins. Putting raisins in their cake.
H: Mix nuts all in it. Oh, raisins. People are so stupid with...
K: I hate raisins in cakes. Well, I kind of just hate raisins, but I will eat them in other things.
H: So the story of this game Katherine.
K: Oh, please yes, what is the plot? Explain to me the plot of Mario.
H: There's these two brothers. And they're plumbers.
K: Okay.
H: And they have a...Mario
K: Uh-huh
H: The short fat one...has a girlfriend
K: Shall we play while telling the story?
H: Yes. He has a girlfriend...
K: The short fat one? They're both short.
H: Well, at the moment. When they get bigger they will be different
K: Explain!
H: Differently sized.
K: The red one?
H: So yes, the red one. I guess I could have done it by color.
K: The you one
H: Yes the one I'm controlling
H: I killed it
K: *laughing
H: Um, ah, his girlfriend is a princess of a place called the Mushroom Kingdom as far as I can tell...and
K: Okay...doesn't sound like a very good kingdom
K: *laughing - Stupid goomba! Get off of me goomba!
K: Okay, watch out, that's a bad place for that goomba to be
H: Wooo, I almost got myself killed
K: See ya later
H: We're going down, we're going down
K: I was afraid. I almost thought I wasn't going to make it with you
H: There is a, um, man who is...maybe a turtle?
K: Stop! Stop!
H: I know what I'm doing! I didn't mean to do it...oh, oops. I didn't see what was happening.
K: You are soooo stupid sometimes.
H&K: *laughing
K: GET OUT OF MY WAY! Aww, good job
H: I helped you
K: Yeah, I'm sure that's what you did
H: Exactly. It is exactly what I was, get up there!
K: Tell me about Mario kingdom.
H: So, there's a turtle...who's like a dragon...maybe just a turtle
H&K: *laughing
H: It was a dragon turtle
K: Turtle man
H: But he was still...BOWSER(squeaky voice)
K: *intense fight music
H: And, um...and uh, yeah. He--He's kidnapped her for now what's maybe possibly the 89th time.
K: Hmm
H: And this time in-- in a cake. I don't know what just happened, but I didn't like it. 
K: *laughing
H: I like bounced off the wall. 
K: Yeah you do a little-- a little wall bounce. 
H: I have no idea how...
K: See.
H: I don't know, I have no idea how that happened.
K: Go down this one? Can I go down this one?
K: Stop! 
H: Oh, fantastic everybody.
K: (under her breath) Yeah I can't go down that one. (normal) You have to be on the hill. There you go.
H: Whee! Okay.
K: Wait.
H: Bounce me. Bounce me.
K: I want to get that. 
H: How did I miss? Bounce me again