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In which the DFTBA Warehouse staff take you through the Museum of Pizza Johns Past. Edited by Sam Schultz of the SciShow team. Thanks Sam and the DFTBA Warehouse staff!

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Dave: Good morning, Hank and John. I'm Dave. I’m the operations manager at DFTBA. This is the rest of our staff. This is Caenaan, the warehouse manager. Caenaan is the reason we now have a forklift in the warehouse. What’s the name of the forklift?

Caenaan: Well, of course, it’s Forky McForkface.

Dave: This is Rachel. She’s our head of creator support. She gets to deal with all our wonderful creators on a daily basis. She’s helped design many of our products. And this is Meg, our head of customer service. Any time you get an email, it’s probably coming from Meg. So the real reason we’re here today is to introduce you to the person who created Pizzamas. This is Valerie Barr. Say hello.

Valerie: Hello.

Dave: Valerie actually lives here in Missoula. She works for VidCon, but her claim to fame in life, and really this is her lasting legacy, is she designed Pizza John.

Valerie: You’re welcome.

Dave: So there is a long and storied back history to the creation of Pizza John, which led to Pizzamas. Hank actually did a video last year where he explained the backstory, right?

Valerie: Yes.

Dave: And that link is down below, but give us the ten-second version of Pizza John.

Valerie: Well, John likes pizza. One time in a video, John had a mustache. Thus, all of this.

Dave: And here we are, six years later. We created kind of our own Pizzamas museum here, and we’re gonna have Valerie take us on a tour through the illustrious history of Pizzamas. You ready to start?

Valerie: Yup.

Dave: Let’s do it.

Valerie: ‘Kay. 2010. Pizza John. The Original. Well loved. Well worn. Classic.

Meg: 2012

Dave: Green Pizza John

Valerie: Neon nineties Pizza John

Caenaan: Eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes Pizza John

Rachel: Vampire Pizza John

Meg: Evil Pizza John

Caenaan: 2013. Just the hoodie.

Valerie: 2014

Rachel: Bowie Pizza John

Meg: Glowy Pizza John

Caenaan: Halftone Pizza John

Valerie: Obey Pizza John

Rachel: 2015

Caenaan: Warhol John

Meg: Rainbow Pizza John, our first charity shirt

Valerie: Blue neon Pizza John

Caenaan: Pisa John

Rachel: Misfits Pizza John

Dave: Faux knitted Pizza John sweatshirt

Rachel: Nebula John

Valerie: This year, as Hank talked about on Monday, we asked our favorite designers to design shirts, and Rachel is going to tell you about that.

Rachel: So this year we had a few different artists.This one was designed by Judy Kaufmann. This one was designed by Sara Cervantes. The one right above me was Julia Pott. We have this one right here, which I did. We have Big John Pizzeria, designed by TEKST. We have Ming Doyle, which designed this pretty sweet indigo one right here. And then we have the design duo Rude that designed this one right here.

Dave: Rachel, I hear there’s a few more items in the 2016 Pizzamas collection.

Rachel: Why yes there are, Dave.

Dave: Are those pajama pants you’re wearing?

Rachel: They are. They are called the PJ-PJ.

Dave: And are they soft?

Rachel: They’re very soft.

As Hank also talked about Monday, we will have the personal pizza Pizzamas box, which will contain quite a lot of things that you can only get in the box. It’ll have this hot and fresh shirt, a hot and fresh notepad, a Pizza John pizza cutter with a bottle opener, an apron with gold imprints, and of course, the box.

So just like last year, we wanted to have an item that donated its proceeds to charity. This year we have the Pizza John pet leash. If you purchase this pet leash, 100% of its profits will be going to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. If you have any questions about the Fund, definitely go to the link down below.

Wait a minute, what’s that?

Dave: This is a DFTBA sock that is only available for purchase through the DFTBA Awesome Sox Club. This is the November sock, designed by Rachel. And Rachel, how many are left?

Caenaan: 500

Dave: That’s right, 500 more subscriptions are left, so buy them soon. They're awesome.

So thanks for joining us on this tour of the Pizzamas museum here at the DFTBA warehouse. We’ll let the professionals take it from here.

Caenaan: Forky McForkface wants to remind you: Don’t forget to be awesome. And John...

All: we’ll see you tomorrow.