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In which John travels the country with the cast of The Fault in Our Stars, meets tens of thousands of people, considers the difficulty of really engaging with people (including journalists) on the road, and meets Caroline, who saves the day. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and the movie!

Thanks to @sunnyburleson for letting me use her footage of TFiOS TX:

Hank's album Incongruent is now on iTunes, and it's great:
Crowd: Good Morning Hank it's Tuesday!

John: So Hank, I've just finished Fox's tour for The Fault in Our Stars movie
John [voice over]: featuring Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Nat Wolff, pictured here dancing, getting psyched up for the show.
The tour started in Miami where everyone dramatically underestimated how many people would show up which led to big A/V problems and crowd control and generally I'm just very sorry.
But lessons were learned and everyone was much better prepared in Cleveland where several thousand people wanted to say hello to you, Hank.

Crowd: Good morning Hank [indistinct cheering]

John [voice over]: We were also reunited with some of our friends who played members of the support group in the movie, all of whom have lived with cancer.
And we got to hang with YouTuber Evelina Barry who was our awesome co-host on the tour.

John: Awww, it's the smile that slayed a thousand hearts.
Nat: *chuckling*
John: And Nat Wolff

John [voice-over]: Had to get up very early the next morning to get my hair and makeup done. It takes a lot of work to wrangle the puff. And then I had many, many hours of interviews.

John: Hank, press junket interviews are weird 'cuz you talk to a new TV interviewer person every five minutes for, like, hours.
And it's really hard to talk meaningfully about, like, anything because 1) you only have five minutes and 2) they have to get their quotes and 3) you've been asked the same question a thousand times before and 4) I was really worried about saying something stupid and/or insensitive.
Also, 5) I knew if they made me keep talking I would eventually get the husky voice and I have.
Anyways, I realize I am winning like an Olympic gold medal for the first-worldiest first-world problems. My point is that it was hard to engage.
On the upside sometimes we got goodie bags with treats in them.
Hank the best part about being on tour with someone who doesn't eat processed food is that you get Shailene Woodley's GooGoo clusters.

John [voice-over]: Anyway, then we went to Nashville, a lovely town, where there was this red carpet like thing and lots of people to sign for, which is great, but also weird because I would like to stop and talk to them and have as near a normal interaction as possible given the circumstances, but there were these large men on both sides of me pushing me along and lots of screaming and just in general the whole situation was no more conducive to meaningful conversation than press junkets.
Then I did a few red carpet interviews- again, difficult to feel connected to the world slash the actual people in it.
And then we went inside where Nat and Alex Wolff were playing a concert.
Shailene and I lay down on the floor and peeked under the curtain to watch.
Also, there were quite a lot of people there who wanted to say hi to you.

Crowd: Good Morning Hank it's Tuesday.

John [voice over]: Next morning, more hair, more makeup, and many more hours of press before going to Dallas where there was another red carpet and more screaming and bodyguards and more interviews and then many thousands of people who, get this, Hank, wanted to wish you a good morning.

Crowd: Good morning Hank it's Tuesday!

John [voice-over]: I was so grateful to have this time to see so many nerdfighters and to talk about the movie with the actors who helped make it so special, but I also felt really disconnected. Like, with all these people from the outside paying attention to us, I felt really self-conscious as a nerdfighter, like it was hard for us to be a community together, which is what I love most about nerdfighteria. And I was feeling pretty bummed out about it AND THEN
So Hank during these events people could ask questions and a young woman named Caroline came up and introduced herself and talked about how she's found The Fault in Our Stars helpful as she lives with lymphoma. She was pretty emotional as we talked and so was I and so was the cast and then suddenly thousands of people in the crowd began chanting her name.

Crowd: Caroline! Caroline! Caroline! Caroline!

John: I realized Hank that even if we're gonna be scrutinized for a while by people who don't know if nerdfighters fight for or against nerds, nerdfighteria is still nerdfighteria.
I realized the community has never really been about us, Hank. It's been about having big conversations around big questions and lifting up people who need it.
So I want to say thank you nerdfighters from Miami to Dallas and everywhere in between for welcoming new people but also sticking together.
Thank you for lifting each other up and for decreasing suck and for increasing awesome.
When I am very far from home and feel very disconnected from my real life, you guys help me to feel like I am not so far from home after all. So thank you, I love you.
Not you Hank, everyone else, all the other people.
Actually, you know what Hank? God help me, I even love you.
By the way Hank, congrats on your album being a huge hit on the iTunes charts, it's so great everyone get it.
Hank, I will see you on Friday when I will be hoooome!
Ohhhuhh. DFTBA