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Hank: Good morning John.

John: Good morning Hank. I see that you are finally awake.

Hank: And we are both wearing our DFTBA. We did not do this on purpose.

John: We didn’t plan it. Right now we’re gonna be promoting, uh, Matt Maggiacomo and Lauren Fairweather’s amazing…

Hank: They have an awesome video for the This Star Won’t Go out Foundation. Very heart-breaking but very amazing.

John: It’s a great song so watch that video, comment and rate it and favorite it like crazy. We’re too close.

Hank: We’re in a chair together.

John: In comments Esther always liked it when we talked about people we love so why don’t in comments we talk about people we love.

Hank: And also if you go to there are many amazing raffle prizes donated my many amazing YouTubers and you should go there. And if the site crashes, which it has already three times, then you should go back a little bit later and it’ll be back.

John: Go to to find amazing raffles like your name could be the title of Hank’s new album.

Hank: I didn’t… I didn’t know what to call it.

John: So maybe it’ll be called whatever your name is. Melanie, Franklin, Oscar.

Hank: I hope Oscar wins.

John: I hope Oscar wins. Hank’s new album ‘Oscar’.

Hank: Uuuuhhh. Thank you awesome people. We’ll be back soon.

John: We’ll be back soon. I gotta go back to commenting.

Hank: (Singing) End screen time, click on the screen for end screen time and you can go watch the video (noises).