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Hillywood interviewed by Meg Turney from at Vidcon 2013!

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Meg: Hey everyone, what's going on? VidCon 2013, I'm Meg Turney and I'm here with Caine Keenan, Hilly and Hannah Hindi, they're from The Hillywood Show and you guys just did a piece from So You Think You're a Wizard.

Hilly: Yes.

Meg: Tell me how it went? It looked awesome.

Hilly: Well thank you. Well, So You Think You're a Wizard is actually a take on So You Think You Can Dance. It was choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha and Alex and Twitch performed it but we switched around so that it's Harry and Voldemort doing a dance battle against each other. And actually, Nigel Lythgoe has seen it and actually approved the whole thing.

Meg: Oh, that's amazing!

Hilly: Yeah.

Meg: Would you like to branch out into other fandoms with dance battles or are you gonna keep it Harry Potter?

Hilly: Well we do tons of different parodies, not all of them are dance battles but we've done TwilightVampire Diaries, Hunger Games.

Hannah: We have dance segments for every, like, parody we do. So yeah, it makes it fun. It's like a musical every time.

Meg: So is this your first VidCon? You guys have been here before right?

Hannah and Hilly: Yeah.

Hilly: Second time.

Caine: It's my first.

Meg: Oh nice. How are you liking it so far?

Caine: It's interesting, you know. It's, I've never been to, like, a convention like this so it's a totally new experience. Yeah.

Meg: Really? You've never done, like, any cosplay or anything like that at, like, a Comic Con?

Caine: No. I come from, like, a different background, so.

Meg: Oh wow. Very cool. Do you think you'll come back?

Caine: Oh yeah, for sure. It's been a blast.

Meg: What are you guys most excited to see?

Hilly: Well I was just most excited to perform this morning.

Hannah: Right.

Hilly: Like, honestly, that was like a huge, like, thing for us.

Hannah: It was cool 'cause we got to go backstage anywhere and we were watching everyone that was on the mainstage, like, before and after so we got to pretty much see the people we really wanted to see.

Meg: Very cool. Well guys, I mean, that's amazing and we're so excited to have you guys. Thank you so much for joining us.

Hannah: Thank you.

Hilly: Thank you.

Meg: Quick and painless.

Caine: Thank you for having us.

Meg: Yes, of course. Check out The Hillywood show and So You Think You're a Wizard which looked fucking amazing. You guys killed it.

Hilly: Thank you.

Caine: Thanks.