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It's a wonderful time of the year. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill it out and building a better understanding of this community. Thanks for helping us hear your voice.

Here's the ICG's article about YouTube demonetization:

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Good morning, John. 

I don't even know if you know this about me but I have a condition, it's called sleep paralysis. It's very common and it's when you wake up and you can't move.

This usually happens after I've had a particularly intense dream and it's only ever a couple of seconds for me, and I woke up in the middle of the night last night after having a dream in which Katherine got double pregnant.

I don't know if you know about double pregnancy but according to my dream anyway it's where a woman who is already pregnant gets pregnant again. And then there's two babies there's an older one and a younger one and the woman has the first one and the other one sticks around and she's still pregnant for even longer. Which I assume is an anxiety dream but it does actually make me wanna check something out real quick here.

Ahhhhh! You can, it's a real- it exists. I thought I was making a joke but you guys, it's called superfecundation and it's when your body accidentally releases another egg and then that egg gets fertilized and if it's early enough in the pregnancy BOTH EGGS CAN BECOME BABIES.

Born at the same time but different ages gestationally. What, what?! Oh man, double pregnant, but anyway. So I wake up in this dream, I can't move, I'm a little bit confused about where exactly I am 'cause I'm on the wrong side of the bed. But then my movement comes back, except for the first time in my life - one arm, my right arm does not come back and this does not mesh with my understanding of sleep paralysis.

I'm a little bit freakin' out and I reach over to see and here's what's happening: during my weird double pregnancy dream I have done this,  just shoved my arm down my pants. (Chuckling)
So that's why I couldn't move it, it was stuck in my pants. 
New topic now. 

As I was reading the comments on your most recent video I, I noticed that I had a couple of thoughts. First, yeah, our outfits. So you may have noticed, you may not have, that for two weeks in a row John and I wore the same outfit, not as each other like. You know like the thing where you go into work the next morning and you're like "oh I wore this yesterday didn't I? That's embarrassing." Except with 250,000 people watching.

There were conspiracy theories about this that John and I had both pre taped videos and now were off on some secret adventure, thing. No in fact and now it is the third week of us wearing the same outfits.

The first two weeks, actually this is the case though it seems unlikely, we did not do that on purpose. John wore the same shirt in two videos in a row, I wore the same shirt and jacket two videos in a row. This week we did it just to continue messing with you so, sorry about that. 

Another thing I was really struck with by in the comments of your video is how many people don't know about all the stuff that we do. And of course because we have done a lot of things over the past ten years, and we are currently doing a lot of things. We got VidCon in Europe, Australia and California coming up, we're working on a new SciShow channel coming up with the topic to be chosen by Patreon patrons a tenth anniversary NerdCon: Nerdfighteria to plan, a wife to kill and Gilder to frame for it.
I'm not actually killing my wife that was a princess bride reference.

Building how to vote, continuing Dear Hank And John, occasionally snapchatting, helping found the internet creator's guild which has done a great job of explaining why the demonetization thing isn't the end of YouTube, isn't the end of everything. If you wanna read about that, there's a link in the description.
It reminds me, as I tend to be reminded about once per year that I don't always understand this community as well as I could. And the first time that I realized that is when we created the first nerdfighteria census in 2013. 

And I realized that maybe I'm having this sensation because it's been another year since there's been a census and I haven't done another one and so yes it is time.

I spent the five hours before recording this video putting together the nerdfighteria census for 2016. It's a pretty involved survey there are lots of questions. We want to get a really good, deep understanding of the people in this community so that we know better what to create, what you want from us and what we should do together. It's hugely important to me and to John, and it's very important for this community.

If you have the time to go take the census please, please do, it is much appreciated. 

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Double the pregnant,
Double the fun.
Link to the census in the description.