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Before I started all of the fine, fancy editing with the time lapse and the music, I did a rough cut of all of the most interesting bits that I recorded (I only recorded about a half an hour over the four hours.)

Then I pulled that rough cut into a separate sequence to make the sparkly fancy video for Vlogbrothers. But, I figured, since i had the rough cut anyway and there's some pretty funny stuff in there, I'd put it online here.


Hank: Hello, John! I'm here today with Michael Aranda. 

Michael: Hello!

Hank: Introduce yourself. 

Michael: My name is Michael Aranda. 

Hank: I've framed this shot poorly. 

Today, Michael and I are going to be putting together the Millennium Falcon! 

(sounds of plastic bags rubbing against each other)

(dramatic music!)

Hank: Aaahh! 

(sound of Legos tinkling together)

 People First (0:19)

Hank: Why are they making you do the people first? The people seems like they're the most fun part. You should save that for last. 

Michael: I think this is Han's hair. 

I guess Luke has an angry face. 

Hank: He's kinda angry, yeah. Somebody's legs. 

Leia is complete, everyone! Where are all the heads?!! Han Solo is complete!

Hank: This thing was not the way.

Michael: It took me a couple of guess how much it cost.

Hank: Did you ask Katherine? 

Michael: Yeah, I was like how much did this cost?

Hank: You, did you just kept going up...?

Michael: Yeah, 'how much do you think it cost?' And I was like, 'hmmm, x number of dollars'. And she was like, 'nope.' 'X plus 30 number of dollars?' 'Nope.' Keep...

Hank: What I think of is the intellectual property that goes into this. A team of men and women who, like, figured out how to build the Millennium Falcon in an extremely elegant way with these little blocks. 

Michael: That is not a job I would want. 

Hank: Uh, no, but I mean, but I ... it's like amazing to me.

They forgot to number this bag. Thank goodness that you figured that out, 'cause I would never have. What the frick?! 

Michael: Ohhh! 

(Hank blows through a piece and it whistles. Michael laughs)

Hank: I figured it was going to make a noise. I almost, I was almost certain just by looking at it that it was going to make a noise if I blew on it. 

(turns to talk to dog)

What did you think of that noise, Lemon? Don't like it? She doesn't like it! 

 Pack two! (1:18)

We're on to pack two! 

That's all we've got so far. Roughly Falcon shaped.

Katherine: What is this? 

Hank: I don't know. All right...pieces...

Let's make Lego happen!!

Michael: Aaargh!

Hank: Three!

We have finished the interior. There's the Sebok table...(probably means Dejarik table

...and there's like a mug back in the galley. There's a robot. I don't remember the robot.

Michael: I don't think it's a robot.

Hank: No? That looks like a robot.

Michael: Maybe it's like an arm workout machine.

Hank: What are all these?!

(Michael laughs)

Hank: This is...this is still...from bag 2!

Michael: (playing with blue piece) Wasn't this from bag 1?

(points) Oh look! We're going to use it right now.

Hank: We are! Where do you put it?

Michael: I...I...I don't know. Hold it.  

(Hank laughs)  While you do the rest of it.

Page 75? No tube. Where's the other book?

Hank: Dude, the tube will happen when the tube happens. 

Michael: A straw to drink your juice while you make the Falcon. 
Where's the tube?

Hank: Oh! It's like the engine glow! The fastest ship in the galaxy!

 We're back! (2:07)

Hank: We're back! We had to stop for some time because both of our cameras ran out of batteries. And Michael is just staring at me creepily while he eats. Reese's peanut butter eggs. They're pastel!

What do they taste like? 

Michael: Like Reese's Pieces, but harder. 

Hank: Harder, yeah! I don't like them. 

Michael: I don't like them as much as regular Reese's pieces, that's for sure. 

Hank: Put that one back. There is about 2,000 calories in this bag. 

Michael: This has nothing to do with Legos. 

Hank: I did this wrong!

Michael: Whoa!

Hank: Careful.

Michael: I dropped an...egg in my cleavage. 

Hank: What do you think of Missoula? What do you think of my hometown? 

Michael: Missoula...

Hank: Mmmhmm?

Michael: good. It's just got a really nice, like, small town atmosphere. Everybody's really nice. A feeling of community here that I haven't ever experienced anywhere else I've lived.

Hank: (mumbles) on the floor 

Hank: Anakin. He is the chosen one...and I'm like, come on! 

Michael: Yeah Star Wars sucked!

Hank: You didn't go to see The Phantom Menace again. So you, so you don't know. You don't remember how bad it is.  

Michael: I was talking to Hank on Skype and he was like, 'going to see The Phantom Menace. LOL' And I was like, 'what? why?'

Hank: Because it's a piece of history! 

Michael: A really bad piece of history. 

Hank: It's history. 

 The Tube Part (3:19)

Hank: We're installing the tube part which Michael was very excited about earlier. Um, and so I wanted to turn the camera on so that everyone could witness the installation of the tube. 

Michael: Tubular!

Hank: Really?! Snap it in!

Michael: Oh, I see. 

Hank: Yeah!

Michael: Perfect!

Hank: We need 8 of those. With the 6, and the fat. Fat sixies. 

Michael: I love fat sixies! Gotta give me some fat sixies! 

Hank: Where do the fat sixies go?

 Last Page! (3:47)

Hank: Last page! Of the first book. 
We're on to number 5. Show them the Millennium Falcon as it currently exists. Ah, God, it's scary. 

We put the feet on. We put a blaster on the bottom. Interior living spaces. 

Michael: Oh, the blaster came apart. 

Hank: No!

Michael: Shhhh!

Hank: So now we're going to continue...our build...with number 5. We're on page 27 of the second book, so this is like over 100 pages so far. 

Michael was just like flipping through to...and I was like, 'Don't look at the end!'

Michael: I just want to see if it gets built. 

Hank: At the end, do we have a freakin Millennium Falcon or what?

Michael: Do they succeed?

Hank: Do they succeed?

It's like every time you finish a bag it like, it like gets harder to easier to easier to easier to find pieces. Then you start a new bag and it's like, aargh, it's hard again! Cardigan! Tardigrade!

It's late. 

We're not going to bed until this Falcon is finished! The rebellion needs our speed!

I don't like having things loose. Cause, you know--

Michael: Lucy goosey. 

Hank: You know, in a ship you want to...the bat... the hatches to be battened.

Michael: Yeah. What's going to happen when they go into light speed? These are just going to fly out.

Hank. Totally.

(Both do maniacal laughter)

 2 o'clock (4:54)

Hank: It is now 2 o'clock in the morning. Michael is finished with his Mountain Dew. Uh, the Millennium Falcon has another, uh, blaster on it. It actually looks pretty much like the Millennium Falcon right now.

I imagine that bag number 6 contains the front end. Bag number 6! Careful! Couldn't do it, people.

Michael: Try not to. (?)

Hank: Awww! I don't know what's happening.

Michael: Waaaah.

Hank: Everyone! It's finished! The Millennium finished. I'm going to take some sexy macro close up shots soon.

It's pretty heavy. It's got Han Solo in the cockpit. It's like...feeawww, woosh!