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In which Hank covers a surprising amount of topics while (for the most part) standing outside of the Anaheim Convention Center surrounded by WoW players.

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Good morning, John, you are sufferating from-sufferating, that's not a word. You appear to be suffering from a disease known as signing psychosis, which makes you dress poorly. And so I, in commiseration, am also going to dress poorly. So this is my outfit today. Sorta weekend at Bernie's look going on. I'd like to ask all of Nerdfighteria, in commiseration with John Green and his signing psychosis, to dress poorly. And put photographs of yourself on the Internet and tag them #signingpsychosis. Preferably on Tumblr or Twitter so we can seek them out, and laugh at you. Wah-ha-ha, how the hell did I get to Anaheim? I'm here because this is where we are doing VidCon this year. It's also where they're doing BlizzCon this year, and I wanted to steal their ideas for how to make conferences epic. Anyway, I love it when we do things with Nerdfighters, like for example, wear stupid clothing, which I've stopped doing, by the way because I had to go out in public. I especially love it when groups of Nerdfighters get together and do cool things without us even knowing that its happening. For example, there is a group of people that has been working for nine months on an iOS game called “John and Hank's Awesome Adventure” that stars, yes, John and Hank. After John and I heard about the project, we actually emailed them and asked if they needed anything from us. And they said yes, we need one thing from you, your voices. So when you kill that poop-shooting Nintendo with your wind-turbine, that is actually my voice screaming, “Holy giraffe sex!” Yeah, these people think I'm weird. They also wanted to give us a cut of the proceeds from the game, which we totally took. And we are taking those proceeds and putting them into a fund. A fund that I cannot talk about yet. And I just have to thank all the people that have been working on the project for the last nine months. John Adams, who put the whole project together. Desaray, Chuck, Ollie, Erin, Billy, Amy, Luke, and Holla, thank you so much for making this happen, its all so fun! And it's $1.99. I'm being Zergrushed. Another good example of Nerdfighters getting together and doing something AWESOME is the hundreds of people who design covers for The Fault in Our Stars. That project, in case you're wondering, contributed to two sort of really revolutionary things happening. One, convincing a publishing company, in the first time in history, note, to put a book in bookstores with a cover designed by fans of that book. That has just never happened. And second, convincing Penguin to take very seriously the cover for The Fault in Our Stars. Which they have done. Its interesting to me that so many Nerdfighters don't seem to like the cover of the Fault in Our Stars. Despite the fact that it's because of only them that it is so good. If you don't like the cover of The Fault in Our Stars there are two really good blogs posts you might want to read: One by Karen Kavett who's kind of been the unofficial chief creative officer for Nerdfighteria for like years, and the other by the Yeti, who is John's wife and is also the curator of a museum of modern [contemporary] art. But here's my perspective: This is the kind of cover, that publishing companies give to books that they want to become classics. It's bold, it's iconic, it's like timeless, it's like something that'll never go out of style. And as someone who has actually read the book, I know that this is the cover of that book. (Dude in limo: Film me! I'm at BlizzCon and in a limo!) One last thing: Like a year ago, I made a video explaining how to make a .com domain name website thing. A problem of that video is that it costs like $80 to set up, and a friend of mine had some braincrack that he threw at me, to simplify the process and also to make it cheaper, so we wanted to do that. We're calling it the URLatron, and after some months of working on it it's ready to launch. Here's what it does: it turns your Tumblog into a .com domain name, and it does in like five minutes of work with $30. You also get like custom email addresses... it's good stuff. So if you're interested in that you can go check it out at John, congratulations on an amazing classic book cover for what I think is going to be an amazing classic book. I'll see you on Monday.