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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The series was produced by Pemberley Digital.
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The show was developed and executive produced by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
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Lizzie Bennet - Ashley Clements -
Charlotte Lu - Julia Cho -
Lydia Bennet - Mary Kate Wiles -
Mrs. Bennet - Jenni Powell -
Voice of Mrs. Bennet - Taryn O'Neill -

Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Producer - Jenni Powell -
Co-Executive Producer - Margaret Dunlap -
Co Producer - Rachel Kiley -
Consulting Producer - Kate Rorick -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Bernie Su -
Cinematography - Jason Raswant -
Assistant Director - Stuart Davis -
Editor - Sam Mollo -
Transmedia Producer - Jay Bushman -
Transmedia Editor - Alexandra Edwards -
Production Designer - Katie Moest -
Makeup - Heather Begley
Gaffer - Steven Buritt
Intro Music and Graphics - Michael Aranda -
Lizzie: Hey, everyone. So this is Episode 100! One-hundred, can you believe it? I can't. And well, I've been thinking a lot over the past few weeks and with everything going and with what's been presented to me, I think I'm ready to make a big change. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the final page in my diary.

[title sequence]

Lizzie: So yes: this is going to be my last video. One hundred feels like a good place to stop. I know a lot of you don't want me to end my videos, but I think this has been a grand chapter in my life and now it's time to move on to the next thing.

First, I wanna thank all you viewers. I never got to meet any of you, but hopefully you feel like you got to really know me--I know I did. There's growing, and then there's growing in front of tens of thousands of people. I went through a lot while on this journey and hopefully you learned as much as I did, or more.

And before I leave you all for a while, I wanted to fill you in on some details! Charlotte?

Charlotte (off-screen): What?

[Charlotte enters]

Charlotte: Uh, I thought you wanted to take this one yourself.

Lizzie: I have to let the viewers know the exciting news in your life!

Charlotte: Please, it's not a big deal.

Lizzie: You're taking over the--! Tell them. Tell the viewers!

Charlotte: So, uh... Ricky Collins has moved up to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Lizzie: Why...?

Charlotte: So he can develop Collins & Collins in Canada.

Lizzie: C&C in C!

Charlotte: Yeah. So he'll be with his fiancée--

Lizzie: So she's real?

Charlotte: And I am taking over Collins & Collins! I'll be running the company now.

Lizzie: Amazing, right? My 'C' is now the big C at C&C.

Charlotte: Thanks, Lizzie. I couldn't have done it without you. And you guys.

[Charlotte exits]

Lizzie: I'm so happy for Charlotte. Hey, Charlotte, for old time's sake, let's do the cheesy big graphics thing while I'm congratulating you. It'll be quick.

Great! That was fun. 

Lydia (off screen): Hey, Lizzie. Ready for fro-yo?

Lizzie: Almost! Come be in my last video.

[Lydia enters]

Lydia: Oh. Are you sure you're not stopping because of me? Because you really shouldn't. 

Lizzie: No, definitely not. I'm stopping because... the timing felt right. I'm stopping for me.

Lydia: Okay. If you're sure. Um... I guess I should just go ahead and give this to you now, then! 

Lizzie: Uh... what is it?

Lydia: Well, open it.

Lizzie: *laughs* "20 Reasons Why Lizzie Bennet is no longer perpetually single." What happened to the old list?

Lydia: Doesn't really apply anymore, does it? Besides, you are way too cool to not get any guy you want. Reason number fifteen. Darcenator better take really good care of you. Cause you deserve it.

Lizzie: Well, you're pretty cool too, sis.

Lydia: I know. Whaaaaat!

[Lydia exits]

Lizzie: Through this all, I've been thinking about how these videos put me and my sisters and friends into the public spotlight. I mean there has been a lot of drama around here, and It's all been either indirectly or directly related to these videos. What do you think, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Umm... Are you sure you want my opinion?

Lizzie: Why wouldn't I? We started this together.

Charlotte: You started it; I helped.

Lizzie: We started it and you helped.

Charlotte: That feels like a lifetime ago.

Lizzie: We were such different people.

Charlotte: Are you happy we did it?

Lizzie: Absolutely. I mean, there are some things I wish I had done differently, but life isn't about do-overs. And I think we'll all be stronger for it. I'm glad we did it.

Charlotte: I am too. Why don't you sign us off, one last time?

Lizzie: My name is Lizzie Bennet, and thank you for watching my videos.

[black screen]

Charlotte: You okay?

Lizzie: Yeah... You?

Charlotte: You know what was unreal? 

Lizzie: What?

Mrs. Bennett: Lizzie! What are you and dear Charlotte doing in here?

[end screen music]