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Game I Played: The Sims 3
Hello and welcome to Games With Hank. I am Hank and this is games with me. Today we are going back into the delightful lives of our ex-president friends Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. They have -- they are going to move in together but I noticed when I ended the last episode that I had not yet given Bill Clinton all of his character attributes.

Here we are, though we gotta add some traits. I'm gonna say he is definitely ambitious, he is Bill Clinton after all. He is charismatic, oh yeah! 

Hank from the future here. I can't believe that I missed commitment issues on that list. I -- I just wanted to say that.

He is not evil, I wouldn't say he is evil. He is definitely flirty! Inappropriate. A little bit inappropriate, we'll see, we will see what else we got here.

Loner, loves the outdoors, lucky. I am gonna say Bill Clinton is definitely lucky. Natural cook, neat, neurotic, never nude. He is I think a vegetarian actually. So let's put vegetarian on the list. I- he doesn't, I think he might eat fish sometimes but, mostly a vegetarian.

Alright, star news anchor, CEO of a mega corporation, super popular, leader of the free world and heart breaker. "Be the boyfriend of 10 different Sims, oh my! Why settle for a long term relationship, uh, or monogamy when there are so many attractive Sims out there, your Sim can find a lifetimes enjoyment by seeing many different Sims".  At the same time or...?

Now we can have our little family portrait together. I am gonna say that this is the ex-presidents. They don't have any relationships. No. Continue, they are not related. They lived in the same house, for a while at different times and now they are gonna live in the same house together at the same time. Alright.

Let's build ourselves a house. We got $18,000 to do it with, so let's build this -- let's purchase this $3,200 plot, near town, so we can build our home on it with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Alright, Sims house building is not the most exciting thing in the world. Uh, what is this? Join science career? Who wants to join the science career? Jimmy Carter does? Bill Clinton wants to join business, yeah, that makes sense. Okay, I am gonna add that to -- to his goals.

But I don't know about -- What are you guys chatting about? What are you guys chatting about? You guys are getting along just fine that's good, you guys are gonna be good -- Wow, you guys are getting along great. You guys -- Compatible personalities. You guys go ahead and talk, I am gonna build a house though.

That looks nice. Is that gonna be enough space for two bedrooms? I sure hope so. Oh, I added a little extra. Let's just go right across, and then split it down the middle. Uh, one of you guys is gonna have a slightly larger bedroom and that is probably gonna be Bill. That is just my guess there. And then we can have a, uh, a bathroom over here. And I have done it again. Hehehe. And then there will be like a kitchen and a living area here.

That looks like a house! Yeah! Yeah! Alright, sledgehammer this, cos, get, gets my money back cos I did not mean to build those things. 

Alright, so let's go back, we need, uh. Ah, okay, cheap door. Yay. Cheap doors. Oh, Bill Clinton doesn't need a cheap door, I feel like he should get an expensive door. He needs a nice door -- so sledgehammer. Boom!

You gettin', that may be too much. That's very expensive. Aehh. Yeah. He's got- He's gotta have his little lovers pad there. 

Floors, we need floors. So let's just have some cheap carpeting over here. That looks nice and then, maybe someth- red floor. Red carpet floor for Bill Clinton. That makes sense to me. And then... uh, I fee like Jimmy Carter needs wood floor, so we're gonna give Jimmy Carter some nice wood floors here, and then maybe a tile... tile bathroom. OK, yeah, look at our house we've got, it's beautiful. Window palooza. Can I put that above the door? No, I can't. That would be nice but I can't do it.

Alright, that looks like a thing. And then I gotta give you guys some windows in your bedrooms, cuz that would be really depressing otherwise. Bill Clinton's room is so much bigger than Jimmy Carter's room.
Yeah, so everybody can watch. Let's put one in between... so you can watch people on the toilet. That's good.
I need wall coverings, because they get sad if they're -- if the walls aren't painted, I don't know why. But don't worry about it.
I love -- I love my windowed bathroom. It's a little awkward, but, you know, they get along. Yeah! Alright, speeding through the process now. We got wallpaper? Wallpaper! Yeah, Bill Clinton wants wallpaper. I'm gonna give him some nice wallpaper because he's -- Bill Clinton. Oh, I did the whole room, didn't I? Oh, sweet! Alright, Jimmy Carter's gonna also get some nice wallpaper. Why didn't -- why can't I do all of Jimmy Carter's room? Ahh! Ah, dang it! I don't know how much I should be budgeting for my furniture and appliances.

Alright, man! Yeah! Yeah, lighting! We need some lighting! Uh, we've got some ceiling lights. Cheap ones! Nobody's got money for anything nice. Wow, I made that a really big -- that bathroom is bigger than anyone's bedroom. Oh, well. Eh... such is life. Uh, what else am I going to do? (5:12)

Alright, we need a toilet... so that's... that's what we're going to get first. I needed a lot less space in my bathroom than I gave them. "Your comprehensive knowledge of Sims 3 is displayed during the game --" I don't care. Go away.

We're going to need some beds. Bedroom... beds... the brass double-bed is expensive, though, but Bill Clinton needs a double bed. Everybody knows that. Bill Clinton gets a double bed, Jimmy Carter gets a single... cuz, come on. Everybody knows... what's gonna be happening in this house.

OK, good. We've got a sink... and a... and a refrigerator. What else do you need? A stove, I guess. Should I get a stove yet? Four hundred-- I have plenty of cash left! What else -- do I need anything else in the kitchen? I need, like, a table. A table would be good. And... the.. you're going to have some night-tables in the bedrooms over there... to place things upon, and chairs! I need some -- I need some chairs. Some dining chairs, some cheap, cheap, cheapy dining chairs, so -- Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter can have breakfast and lunch together, and then, uh, maybe a comfy chair.

Alright, we've got 3,000 dollars... and I'm feeling like our house is looking pretty good. I don't know that it has a roof yet... does your Sim need a roof over their head? The roof tool makes it easy to design the look you want! I don't care!
Auto-roof. Hwooah... kay. That's weird. I think I like this one the best, alright, this -- that's what's gonna be. That -- and apparently I can do that and it would cost zero extra dollars. (6:43) So I don't see why I wouldn't. I don't see why I wouldn't do that if I can do it for free.

Alright, that's gonna be my house! Done! I think I like this better. No, I don't. Undo! Undo! I liked that -- the other one -- yes, this one. That's nice. There's, like, birds hovering in the air. Hello, birdie! Look, there's a pigeon. Hi pigeeooon!

Alright, I feel good about this house, guys. Bill thinks Jimmy is OK.

Good. Glad to hear you guys are getting along. Go on inside. Check out your new house. I want you guys to go inside. Go inside.

I want you to see your new house that I built for you! Uh... I'm... seem to have done something, I think maybe broken something with my roof. (Jimmy: Ha! Sabu!) Are you excited about it? Yeah! Go windows! Right into the bathroom there, that's very exciting, and a door, you've got a door, so ... yeah, look around! (Bill: Yaaaay! Dooooor!) Yay, a smoke detector! That's exciting! Oh, I put it on the outside. I put it on the outside of the house. that's going to be not-super-useful.

Cora Fran-che-sco is talking to Bill Clinton about something. Alright. Oh, I think I was -- I selected upstairs. Do I have an upstairs? Alright, whatever, who cares. Let's play the game. And I think that is... so we've built our house, uh, and... let's check it out.

Cora thinks Jimmy is OK. Is that the paper girl? Bill, don't sneeze on children!

Alright, thank you all very much for watching this episode of Hank Playing Sims, this is Games With Hank. If you want to see the Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter getting along having a good time following children around, uh, you can see that here on Games with Hank at They're just so excited about all their lighting and their windows and handshakes -- oh I but -- oh my god. Well, yeah, check, check out -- you gotta check out -- oh man, I put that wrong. Hey, they're being sociable! I'm so glad they're getting along. Alright. See you next time. DFTBA.