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Kerbal Space Program, Part 9: Let's try this again, . . .Hank goes in for a munar landing with grace and proper style!

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Game Played:
Hank Green: You are a bit of a spaz. 

Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, and it's games with me, I'm Hank, if I hadn't mentioned that before, the game today is gonna be Kerbal Space Program.  Last time, we crashed into the surface of the Mun on Kerbal Space Program here on Games with Hank.  Today, we're headed back.  Actually, I've already done a little bit of work off camera.  So basically what I did is I built a very slightly different craft, um, it just has a little more fuel and I put feet on it.  I did not, however, put solar panels on it, which was my major problem last time, I forgot to do that, so let's go in, uh, we've already gotten ourselves roughly to the Mun.

Alright, so uh, yeah, that--to me, that looks like a, you know, it's not a direct intersect with the Mun there, but it's pretty good.  Oh, jeez, that was fast, that was faster than I wanted. the question is, we're dropping fairly fast but it still thinks that we are in orbit.  We are not technically in orbit.  I don't know what distance from the planet you need to be for it to stop being about orbit, but I would--I thought that we were there already, but I guess not.  Yeah, I feel like we're comin' in pretty straight up and down, which is nice, but I guess I could--I guess there is a little bit of that way movement, so I can--I can move us so that we're not going as much that way.  And also a little bit so that we're not headed into the surface of the Mun quite so quickly. 

Man, this is way too stressful, this is so hard.  I hope I got my stagings all set up correctly, 'cause that would be really embarrassing.  Alright, let's look at our orbit map here.  Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, I don't know what to do.  So if I go a little faster, I'll get a better idea.  I'm not really--I'm pretty much moving straight into the planet, which is what I want.  Um, and we're--so we're gonna point ourselves more directly away from the planet so (?~2:15) straight up.  Slow ourselves down some.  How high are we?  We're pretty high.  Doesn't look that high, but we're pretty high. 

Ohh man!  Haaah, what the frick?!  You serious right now, Windows?  Oh my God, it stopped recording when I freaked out there with the Windows being terrible at the perfect wrong time.  Why, Windows? It's like, you hit the shift button a bunch of times, and I'm like, yeah, I'm playing Kerbal Space Program, can't you tell??

Now let's head back to 90 degrees.  At some point, I'm gonna have to lose this next stage of my rocket.  We are going straight up and down, right now, I like that.  I also need to deploy these, which I don't really know how to do. deploy the next stage of my rocket, I think I wanna do--just push space bar and that's good.  Okay, I've still got quite a ways to go, I think.  Where's my shadow?  Hello, shadow?  Are you around anywhere?  10 meters/second...9 meters/second...8 meters/second...4 meters/second...HO MY GOD I'M ON THE SURFACE OF THE MUUUUN!!  Yeah!  Yeah. 

Good.  Yeah, extend the ladder.  Oh yeah, all the way, right down to the ground.  Jebediah's gotta do an EVA on the Mun.  We're--oh yeah, oh, ohhhh, I'm on the Mun, I'm on the Mun, I'm on the Mun, I'm on the Mun!  Yeah!  You walk around that Mun, Jebediah Kerban.  Yeah!  Oh, look how happy he is!  Look how freakin' happy this little guy is right now, he's so freakin' happy.  Whoo, now that's how you jump, woww, that's quite a jump you got there, Jebediah, look at you on the Mun!  Gravity be damned! 

Plant flag.  Yeah!  Do that!  Oh man, check it out, look how happy, yeah, plant that flag, ohh Kerbal Space Program!  Site name, FIRST!  THERE WAS--I'm gonna caps lock this--A MAN AND HE--oh God, you're gonna see how terrible I am at typing--AND HE--hwah--HE--oh God--WAS A SMALL MAN BUT IT DID NOT MATTER MUCH BECAUSE HE HAD A REALLY BIG ROCKET TO MAKE UP FOR IT AND IT WAS BIG AND IT WAS FRICKIN' BIG.

S-yep.  Okay.  That's uh, you know, let's do an EVA report.  Okay.  Keep some data.  Sure.  Take surface sample.  Yeah, get some rocks, man!  Get some rocks. Keep that data.  Review report, yeah okay.  Transmit science.  I have no comms devices.  Take that surface sample.  The darker midland surface appears to be made of basaltic rocks.  Fascinating!  Excellent!  Keep that data!  Alright, we're done.  No, we're done.  Keep the data.  Alright.  Now we--can we--yes, I'm good.  How do I undo?  Yeah, just walk away, just walk away, man.  Just go on up.  Go on up to the crew hatch.  Is there enough fuel in this thing to get me home? 

Is there enough fuel in this thing to get me home?  Is a question that we are gonna answer next time on Games with Hank, and I've been Hank, thank you for watching.  If you wanna click the like button, it would be appreciated.  DFTBA.