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So yeah, when I said "we're back" that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to be uploading EVERY day. That would be CRAZY! I think we're going to try for at least "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday" at first.

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Game I Played:
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me - Hank.  This is Michael Aranda.  This is the third game in the Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament, uh, and I am finally sittin' down to play a round, uh, and that's gonna happen.  I'm playing Michael.  How do you feel?

Michael: I feel very neutral. *collective laughter*

Hank: You don't feel - you don't have a lot of feelings?

Michael: No; I am a robot. *more laughter*

Hank: Right now, or all the time?

Michael: Most of the time.

Hank: Most of the time.  You're pretty robotic.  That explains the hair.  Oh, you got your stripe dyed again; I didn't notice.

Michael: Yeah.  Katelyn bleached it last night.  

Hank: Oh, thanks. *collective laughter*

Katelyn: I did it just for you.

Don't let his size fool you.

Why are you Gaydos?

Ohh. *laughter*

You're not Gaydos.

I'm accidentally Gaydos.  

Hank is accidentally -



Ooh, you blocked ma punch!  

Ohh no, no.  

That was unfortunate.

What is that thing?  Oh no, that is not havin' a good day.  Oh, I accidentally threw down a Poke-ball.  Ooh, it's a tomato, things are good for Hank!  Oh, man.  What is that worm thing?!

I don't know!  

A friend! *chuckling*

Donkey Kong's like, get out of here, man.  

Ooh, a boomerang.  Oh, uh, one of those, the shell. Okay.

Hank.  Hank.  Hank!

Got an egg.  I'd like to pick it up!


I was--I was preparing.

Ooh, it's a little fairy.

It's a fairy in a bottle.


What does it do?

No one knows, it never works.

Ohhhhh, you caught a box in the head.  

What is this thing?

Hank is playing to win the game.  

Ohhhhh, it's just one of those.  How are you not dead right now?

I am so confused.  What is that, that's cute.

Alright.  Ohh, that shell just came to life and attacked me.  

What is that thing doing?  

Yeah, the glow cloud.  Oh, should I go toward it?



No.  It slows everything down.  Where did I go, I disappeared.

People have come back from a stock like this.

Popcorn!  Get the popcorn!  Popcorn!  Get the popcorn!

What's the popcorn do?

It heals you and makes ? feel good.

Fire sword, yeah, fire sword sounds good.

I was right, the fire sword was good.

Come onnn, what is this thing?  It's a ?

It's a ?

My favorite kind of shoe.

Oh no.  Ooh.  Ahh, get him.  Ooh, wrong direction with the smash attack.  

Blue shell.  Blue shell.  Blue shell.  What does that do?

It's in Mario Kart.  It gets the guy to first place.

Hank: I'm in first place!

Nah, I'm just kidding.  


Ooh, get the thing!

Where are you going?

Smashball.  Come here, smashball.  Come here.  Smashball!

Ooh, that's ok, my boomerang.  It was the smashball.

Ohhhh oh no!  Ohhhhh oh no.

Come on, smashball.

Oh no!  The smashball's making you crazy.

Doesn't matter, you got the smashball and then he died.  

No, you got it.

Oh, I got it.  I was so close. 

Nooo, I wish I hadn't killed you.

Yeah, Donkey Kong'd.  How's it feel to be Kong'd?  

Michael: Fantastic.