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Light a candle of hope for Rwanda. Upload your videos of less than 30 seconds using and send them to

Also upload them to youtube and post them as video responses.

In which John talks about genocide and accidentally lies about his age due to sleep deprivation.


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Oh, good morning Hank, it's Sunday.

Wait, is it morning? Is it Sunday? Why am I in the world's smallest bathroom?

Sorry Hank, I just got to Holland and I haven't slept in thirty-four hours and I don't know what's going on. Oh, reminder! There's an Amsterdam Nerdfighter Gathering Thursday night at seven o'clock De Jaren.

More info in the... Side bar. Wherever that is...

Too tired. Okay, now I have to make a video about genocide, which isn't funny. Sorry.

Hank, this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. I'm not really gonna talk about the the genocide or what happened but Nerdfighters, if you wanna know about it you should go read the first book that Hank and I read for the Brotherhood 2.0 book club: "We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families" a book that is literally as good as its title is long. But I do wanna say two things about genocide.

First, Hank, I recognize that everyone is opposed to genocide. It's like being opposed to childhood cancer... Or unicorns.

Being opposed to genocide is obvious; it's uncomplicated, and it's easy. And the second thing I wanna say about genocide is that even though being opposed to it is obvious and easy? It's still important.

Hank, obviously there's a lot to lament about what happened in Rwanda fifteen years ago. But lately I find myself thinking a lot about the abandonment that was involved. Hank, fifteen years ago the US, the UN, and Europe got almost all of our people out of Rwanda unharmed.

And the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed were left to conclude that they weren't our people; that they were a them. And so, Hank, fifteen years later it seems to me very valuable to say to the people of Rwanda: you are not them; you are us. And in our shared regret and sorrow we acknowledge the immensity of your loss and we share your hope for the future of your country.

And Hank, as it happens, we have a super amazing opportunity to do this! Nerdfighteria, in alliance with the Harry Potter Alliance... Can you have an alliance with an Alliance?

Is going to come together to make tons and tons of videos for the people of Rwanda. All of the videos we make are going to go on the website And a few of them will be played in Rwanda at a huge ceremony on April 7th.

And now Hank, in the world's smallest hotel bathroom, I am going to show you and the Nerdfighters how to make your video for Rwanda. Step One: get a candle. I don't have a candle, but I do have this television remote control.

Pretend this is a candle. Don't use a television remote control; use an actual candle. Also, remember...

Fire safety. Step Two: videotape yourself saying some variation of "My name is John, I'm twenty-six years old, I'm from the United States, and I'm lighting a Candle of Hope for Rwanda." Then silently hold your candle for five to ten seconds. Step Three: send your videos via yousendit to, link in the side bar.

Hank, I hope that you and lots of Nerdfighters will light a candle for Rwanda and send your video in. I know that I'm going to, just as soon as I have a candle that's... That's not a remote control.

Hank, I'll see you on Tuesday; Nerdfighters, I'll see many of you in Amsterdam on Thursday, and I promise to make an Amsterdam-y video by the end of the week. DFTBA!