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I which Jayne Cobb destroys some pumpkins with the guys from Zombie Tools to the music of Dr. Noise.

Little Soldier (the full version) is on Silent Echoes

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Good morning, John. Happy Halloween and now everybody gets to finally see who I am. I'm Jayne Cobb from the show Firefly and if you don't know who that is, go watch Firefly. Hello, yes, come in. Katherine's Kaylee, isn't she adorable? K: "Hello!" I'm out of town at a friend's wedding and it's Halloween - a marvelous holiday in which we carve gourds, attempt to frighten each other and ourselves, stuff children full of candy and dress as sexy watermelons. Appears to me that there is nothing that Halloween cannot sexify and so I would like to challenge the world in general, and nerdfighteria specifically, to create for me a sexy Marie Curie costume. I haven't found that yet and I wanna see it. Now, Katherine's Kaylee and I'm Jayne and I know they were never together but I feel like they probably would have been at least for like a one-night stand or something at some point in the series. And so, we're just exploring that alternate future. So enough about our costumes. Additionally, as a Halloween special for you all: I went out to visit a company in my hometown that makes tools specifically for killing zombies. It's small business. The lifeblood of America. These guys are the embodiment of the American dream and also the embodiment of some other much weirder dreams. So just to be clear, these guys didn't start out at metalsmiths, they started out as marshal artists and so they loved to hit stuff with swords. And sp they'll let you come to the shop, watch them work, hang out - in exchange for payment and that payment comes in the form of pumpkins. Pumpkins and other things that you can slash with swords. And so I brought them some pumpkins and I got to hang out with the guys from ZombieTools and it was pretty fun and I made a little mini music video that I would like to share with you now. I'm not a kind of guy who really, like, gets off on weaponry though of course I am, like, festooned with holsters at the moment. None of them have anything in them except, this one has my eyeglasses in it. You know I kind of feel funny about weaponry in general, sort of, sort of intrinsically not awesome 'cause it's, you know, for hurting people but these eh they're mostly for killing zombies - and pumpkins. Pumpkins of course. And to be honest, bisecting a pumpkin with the apocatana was, like, pretty fun. Thanks to Dr. Noise for letting me use that song 'Little Soldier'. You can find more of his stuff in the doobly doo. Thanks to the Nerdfighter who gave me this hat without which I could not have been Jayne for Halloween. And thanks to the guys at Zombie Tools for letting me come, hang out and uh, hit stuff with swords. You can checkout their website at and if you're not in the market for an edged weapon they also have a pretty epic zombie apocalypse calendar that you can check out. If you haven't had enough Halloween and you haven't had enough this, there is a zombie truth or fail up at, I'll put a link to that around here somewhere. John I hope you're having an excellent Halloween, I'm excited about you being done with signing, I'm even more excited about the Fault in Our Stars coming out and I'll see you on Wednesday.