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Good morning John, I feel like probably we could all use a little change of pace so I'm just going to sit in my yard which has turned out quite lovely this year with just lots of plants.

And I just want to be in the plants. And I'm taking a cue from you because Question Tuesday sounded good to me.

It sounded simple, it sounded like something I could do. Joseph wants to know what my favorite pelican species is. The brown pelican!

I know you're thinking white pelicans are much more majestic, and there's a dalmatian pelican. There's lots of different kinds of pelicans but brown pelicans are the closest to my heart and they seem very nice. They just seem like nice birds.

I didn't expect there to be leaf blowing. I thought bird songs would happen. I thought, you know, this tree would touch me in the head the whole time.

I didn't expect yard work at 9 o'clock at night. And yes, this is what it looks like at 9 o'clock at night in Montana. Penguincorn says, “how are you not constantly talking about your book?

I'm reading it and unable to not keep talking about it.” That's great and I love talking about my book. I mean I said I loved you, but this is a little much now. I love talking about my book and I love hearing people talk about my book, and I spend a lot of time reading the things that people are saying about my book.

That is a fun little bird noise. What are you? Swallows?

My neighbor's windows are open and he can absolutely hear every word I'm saying. Hello, swallows. Hello!

I suggest if you have the opportunity, to go look at birds whenever you can. High quality, great organisms. What's been my favorite song to listen to recently.

Think about Things by Daði Freyr, I know I'm not pronouncing that right. That's all. That's the only one.

It's so good. April wants to know if I could spare some change for gas money. Absolutely, just let me know your Venmo.

Sarah wants to know why pelicans? They're just really good! Birds in general.

I've been on a bird kick lately, thanks to Jason Ward mostly. You should check out his show, I just love it. They're just good.

And pelicans are maybe the best of them. Is that controversial? Probably.

Is it entirely subjective? Definitely. But I love them.

Look at them! Look at this one! Look at this one!

This one. This one. How is that not your favorite bird?

Rachel just was diagnosed with ADHD and a lot of things are clicking into place. Advice? Gosh you guys, 9:15!

Biggest piece of advice is just because your brain works different, doesn't mean that it works worse. Also watch How to ADHD. Great channel.

Differentcat wants to know, who did you play when you did Rocky Horror shows? I've tried numerous times to find out. Well maybe I should just go ahead and show the photo.

Ahh! It was all worth it. Wasn't it?

I was Rocky if you didn't know what that means. Rachel wants to know what my favorite microorganism is. I'm going to go with Lacrymaria but that's just today.

Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow. I don't think we've done a microcosmos just on lacrymaria yet, we talk about them a lot in the predation episodes cus they're great at eating stuff but I think we're going to do a specific lacrymaria episode soon. And finally, Laura asks this question, it's getting dark out, and likewise she says “these are dark days.

How do you lift your head to the light when the darkness is so heavy?” Oh my, Laura. I make things with people I love when I have the opportunity to do that. I also look at birds.

I think that that's really important. And I try to let my curiosity lead me to interesting places. Because finding stuff out, and this is just for me, is one of the only completely independent on the rest of the world things that brings me satisfaction and joy.

That, and of course, other people and my relationships. And I think that finding strength in community and love, that's the thing that's carrying me through. So I hope that there are opportunities for that for you as well.

John, thank you for being a part of that curiosity, of that making stuff, and of that love. And I will see you not this Tuesday, but next Tuesday because you're taking Tuesday off! Oh my god, a mosquito.

Oh jeez. I've really got to go inside now. I hope my neighbors understand that this is what I do.