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In which Hank gets encouragement and guidance from evil Hank and it is weird. We see weird taiwanese videos about Snooki, hear about Hank's experience with the PEN15 club, and talk some about puberty and Wyclef Jean's bid for the presidency of Haiti.


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Good Morning John, it's Monday.

Despite the fact that I traveled a lot this weekend and we've been doing all these epic travel vlogs, which I think are totally part of the future of vlogging; I'm not going to do that today. I just got home. It is seven o'clock, I need to make a video now!

And I need to do it fast! And I don't exactly know what I'm going to do it about. (Hank in costume) Yo, get to work buddy! (Regular Hank) Pardon me? (Hank in costume) Stop stalling and start being interesting. (Regular Hank) I would love to. Do you have some suggestions? (Hank in costume) Dude, this is your job now.

You know how to do this. DO IT! (Regular Hank) Alright, sooooooooo kay. A study published today has determined that puberty is hitting girls earlier or at least their breasts are developing earlier.

I find this disturbing for two very different reasons. 1. Because obviously something about the way that we live our lives is affecting our children hormonally. And 2.

Because it means that there are people in the world who study young girls' breasts for a living. (Hank in costume) Excellent! News stories are good. Now hit us with another one. (Regular Hank) I've totally got another one.

Wyclef Jean is running for President in Haiti. His strength apparently is that he's not a politician and that he doesn't know anything about the politics of Haiti. That is his strength?

And it's all well and good to say "I am not a politician" but to an extend you want the guy who's fixing your car to be a mechanic right? And if he's fixing a Toyota, you want him to have a metric socket set. Likewise it would be nice if Wyclef Jean spoke French which is the language that Haitians speak.

I mean how are you supposed to run a country if you can't talk to people?! (Hank in costume) Okay! News is getting old. Move on to the next thing! (Regular Hank) But I've got more news, there's this Google Verizon thing. (Hank in costume) Nope, no time for it.

Everyone is getting bored. Tell them something embarrassing about yourself from the past that you can give some kind of inspirational note about afterward. (Regular Hank) Okay, um. When I was in middle school, a really cool kid came up to me and he said "Do you want to join the Pen 15 Club?

We're all in the Pen 15 Club." And I was wary, you know. I was significantly suspicious. But you know, I really wanted to be accepted into anything, it didn't matter what it was.

I needed the acceptance! And so of course I said "yes". And he pulled out his sharpie (as Cool Kid) "And to join the Pen 15 Club you just get Pen 15 written on your hand." P-E-N-Oh, I messed up.

I'm not good at this. Let's do it on our arm instead. Aaand it looks like it says "Penis".

It was a horrifying experience, horrifying enough that I apparently still remember it; nearly 20 years later. But you know what? I'm proud to be in the Pen 15 Club, and anybody else who's ever been in the Pen 15 Club: we're in the Pen 15 Club together.

I came through that extremely moderate amount of adversity stronger than I was before, because I can and must be myself. And some people may not like the person that I am, but I can never let that change! Pen 15 Club, for the win! (Hank in costume) Oh my god, you were such a neeeeerd.

Okay, okay I know what do to next, you don't need to do anything for this part. (Shows super weird Japanese commercial) (Regular Hank) Da-pa-je-uh what was that? (Hank in costume) I have no idea. (Regular Hank) No seriously, what was that?! (Hank in costume) Seriously, I have no idea! I just found it on the internet. It's just an internet thing.

Move on. (Regular Hank) Ugh, this guy is ...weird. (Hank in costume) And you would be NOTHING without me! So yeah now give everybody an update on what's going on with you and Nerdfighteria and everything and then finish up. (Regular Hank) Okay I shall do that. Number 1.

Toby Turner did his best to make the Vlog Brothers stay in number 81, but of course we did not and we are now 83rd, having been passed by Toby Turner and the amazing Freddie Wong. Also I sang a little song with Andrew Gregory of the Gregory Brothers about a Bedroom Intruder, you can go check that out. And the Tumblr Eff Yeah Nerdfighters now has 5000 followers and you should follow them too if you aren't already because then you can find amazing things like this.

By the way John, YOU'RE A MEME! (Both Hanks together) John, we'll see you on Wednesday. (End Screen) (Regular Hank) So yeah, that's going to be hard to wash off.