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2:58 - Should I go to a doctor on a regular appointment basis or only when I feel bad? I don't have a lot of money.

5:45 - Is there any good research into the actual causes of kidney stones. I've tried looking it up and the answers I get on the web are always kind of vague.

6:38 - What is the difference in the treatment of fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis; what is the overlap?

8:32 - Thank you for what you do sir. What keeps you in academia knowing that you could earn much more in private practice? Is the difference in payscale between physicians and surgeons justified?

10:45 - My wife had obstetric cholestasis during her first pregnancy, is there anything she can do that would reduce the likelihood of a recurrence if she were to get pregnant again?

11:36 - My GP sells a brand of supplements and markets them to his own patients. Am I biased by our mutual distrust of supplements or does this strike you as inappropriate too?

14:03 - Are there any long term effects from taking the maximum daily dosage of an NSAID e.g. ibuprofen every day for multiple consecutive weeks?

15:03 - Why is a low body fat percentage considered less healthy for women than for men and what are the health consequences of having a body fat percentage which is lower than recommended?

16:45 - Can binge drinking once a week as a teenager and young adult affect your health later in life?

18:38 - I can't find a primary care physician. Every time I'm sick, doctors in my area say you must already be an established patient to be seen, but how do I become an established patient?

20:19 - Some friends of mine have posted about water bottles left in a hot car cause breast cancer. Any evidence for it?

22:15 - Is there strong evidence for a causal link between whole grains and heart health? If so, what is it about them? Is it the fiber? The various micronutrients?

23:39 - What research has been done on misphonia? Are there any effective treatments or therapies?

24:20 - One of the fear against coffee is that we see people get addicted and say they can't function without it. They build tolerance and end up drinking 8+ cups a day. Is this a real thing?

26:14 - Why is there very limited/poor studies on acupuncture?

27:00 - How bad are the effects of occasional Cigar smoking

28:02 - What are your thoughts on using antibotics for something other than critical care (ie - skin care)?

28:44 - Do you know anything about Alzheimer's in Downs Syndrome patients? My aunt has Downs and is 58, and is in the early stages. What is to be expected?
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