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SURVEY! On advertising and education: (THANKS FOR TAKING IT!!)

In which John discusses dragons, dinosaurs, and the future of the nerdfighter community, including more IRL nerdfighter gatherings, more ways to learn through Crash Course, more charity projects year-round, thinking about how and whether to add pre-roll advertisements to the vlogbrothers channel, and the fact that WE ARE GOING TO BE ON AFC WIMBLEDON'S SHORTS. What would you like to see more/less of in nerdfighteria in the future? Let us know in comments.

Crash Course on Khan Academy:

The World Cup fundraiser for sarcoma research:
(0:00) Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Henry requested today that I make a video about dragons and dinosaurs where they fight together against bad guys and there are scary parts, but not too many scary parts. And I then explained to him that sadly I can only make videos where my head moves around a screen.  BUT if there are any brilliant video editors-slash-motion graphics artists out there in Nerdfighteria, please take this idea and run with it.  

(0:19) So, since I can't make a video with dinosaurs and dragons where they fight together against bad guys, I'm going to make a video about the future of Nerdfighteria.  So, Hank, every year we have this huge Nerdfighter gathering at VidCon and we talk about what's ahead for Nerdfighteria, and I thought I'd share some of the things that came out of that discussion.

(0:32) One, we wanna do more IRL events.  Hank, you're on tour right now and you're having a great time; we wanna do more of that.  It's a bit difficult for me to travel right now because family, but a) we wanna do more Nerdfighter gatherings that we're a part of, and b) we wanna facilitate Nerdfighter gatherings that don't include us.  I mean, the Internet is great and everything, but nothing beats real life, I mean, except for the Internet, the Internet does beat real life, but real life is a close second. 

(0:54) Two, Hank, we wanna make educational video for younger people.  I don't think I'm allowed to say anything more about that just yet, but wouldn't it be great if elementary school students had video that got them excited about like, science and history and also gently introduce them to the idea that dragons and dinosaurs did not technically co-exist?  

(1:10) Three, non-video educational materials to go with CrashCourse.  So, Hank, CrashCourse is used in thousands of schools, which is great, and we hear from lots of teachers and students that they would love, like, essays and primary sources and worksheets and other stuff to go with the videos.  Khan Academy has helped us out with that some, link in the doobly-doo, but we'd like to do much more of it in the coming year.  

(1:27) Four, decreasing worldsuck and increasing world awesome year-round.  So, Hank, the Project for Awesome is amazing.  Last December we raised more than 800,000 dollars for charity, but we'd like to do more of that stuff year-round.  Speaking of which, why am I wearing a Brazil jersey?  Well, because with matching donations, Brazil fans have donated more than 16,000 dollars to Sarcoma research to win my World Cup affection.  And overall, Hank, that project has now raised more than 80,000 dollars for the Sarcoma Foundation, I mean, I do not need any more potassium today, because that is bananas.  Anyway, we wanna do more of this kinda stuff.  

(1:58) Five, advertising.  So, Hank, we've never run pre-roll ads on Vlogbrothers because we find pre-rolls annoying; instead, we have these display ads that are like, here, and e--I don't, I don't know, I'm not good with directions.  But now that pre-roll ads are like, 99% of YouTube's revenue, Vlogbrothers, I'm not allowed to say actual numbers, but it could generate like, five or six times more money than it currently does. So, we're wondering a) if we should do that, and b) how?

(2:20) Here are some options: keep it like it is, delete ads entirely from Vlogbrothers, start using pre-rolls and donate all the money to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, start using pre-rolls and put all the money into education and nerdfighter projects.

(2:30) Like, Hank, many years ago, you bought Vi Hart a bunch of equipment so that she could make better videos more often.  That was super cool of you, but it also turned out to be like, the best $1,000 you ever spent, because Vi Hart went on to be this phenomenally successful educational creator.  So we could use the money to do way more stuff like that and plus fund other Nerdfighter projects, or we could do some combination thereof.  

(2:50) Nerdfighters, this is something we really wanna hear from you about, so there is a survey, link in the doobly-doo, where you can also talk to us about like, what you'd like to see from Crash Course and education content on YouTube in general.  

(2:59) And lastly, Hank, you know how we sponsor this amazing soccer team, AFC Wimbledon?  Well, thanks to fans of the hankgames channel, we've been able to increase our sponsorship so that next season, we're gonna be on their shorts.  You heard me right, Hank, this design is going to be on the shorts of the actual AFC Wimbledon uniforms.  And, Hank, this also means that when you play as AFC Wimbledon in FIFA 15, you will see this on their computer shorts.  That's right, Nerdfighters, we did it.  We made it to FIFA!  

(3:27) So, Nerdfighters, those are some of our thoughts on the future of Nerdfighteria, please let us know where you'd like it to go in comments.  DFTBA! Hank, I will see you on Friday.