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In which Lindsey showcases some of the things she keeps around to keep her inspired.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Mining by Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod
In the last episode I showed you some of the books that I appreciate having, and in this episode I would like to show you some of the objects.


Let's start with these. These are plaster phalluses I was given as a gift from an anthropology instructor at the University of Montana, who appreciated that I came into his class and did a guest lecture on human sexuality. They're each cast with a different material. Some of them are a little banged up.

Something else that I really like to have around are condoms. These two are from the museum of sex in New York.

I also have a box that I got in China of Japanese condoms.

This one was given to me as a gift. It is one-of-a-kind: one for every letter of the alphabet; I earned O. O for ovaries, O for orgasm, O for observe, O for origami. It's a useful container for the pixie Stix.

Bondage Dorothy and Munchkins. They're missing their whip; it kind of fell off. Todd McFarlane is a comic book artist, as some of you may know, who is also responsible for these reimagined figurines, Dorothy and the Munchkins, as part of a toy line that he created.

Before Kinsey ever got into human sexuality, he collected 7.5 million gall wasps—these little guys, insects that create egg encasing for their gall infants. Student gave these to me, because I have been collecting drawings of gall wasps as a way of bringing things full-circle, from Kinsey's collection that proved the diversity of species, to human sexuality and the diversity of sexual experiences, to Lindsey's collection of 7.5 million gall wasp drawings. I've got lots, I'd love more; there's a link in the description where you can send your drawings.

Like some of you, I also like to collect t-shirts that represent what I'm interested in. This one: giraffe love. These are my boys. They're male giraffes. They show the love.

I also have this yellow favorite: an image of Joycelyn Elders, saying "Sexual Health Revolutionary", and on the back, her signature.

This one's a little...strange. I was teaching human sexuality a couple years ago and thought to myself, there are some people in this classroom who have never seen semen, and they might not, because it either ends up in a condom, their bodies, or they're not playing with somebody who produces it, or don't want to. So I asked around and it turns out that in the middle of the day when you're looking for semen it's sometimes hard to get, because people are working, but someone was able to give me a sample, and I've held onto it, because it means a lot to me that that person was willing to give me his body fluids.

My books, my clothes, and the figurines—these things are not what connect me to my sexuality. They may show it off a little, but what really matters to me understanding who I am and what I enjoy and how I manifest that are the people with whom I share it.

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