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In which Hank informs John of the method of his punishment and decides who to vote for by anagramming candidate names.


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Good morning, John, it's Thursday, August 9th and you're gonna have to eat a blenderized Happy Meal!

A hundred eighty-nine, that's not technically enough. Except that, like, 50 people have given money to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck so that they can see you eat that blenderized Happy Meal. Nerdfighters!

So, it looks like we're not gonna get any further than we already are. John, I'm gonna call it: you have to eat a blenderized Happy Meal. This begs the question what kind of Happy Meal and what kind of drink you will have to get.

Will it be, you know, one of the many soda flavors? Or will we have to go the healthy route, and have you blend it with milk? These are things that I'm pretty much, I'm just going to leave up to you.

I really, I don't think I'm gonna watch that. I would almost rather see you eat Peeps, except I know how much they induce nausea. Anyway, I'm glad that Daniel Biss, and the entire world, is going to benefit from your pain and discomfort.

All this talk about the local election in Chicago has kinda got me thinking about the national election that's coming up. And I'm scared. I'm scared and I don't know who to vote for.

We're supposed to be Obama guys, we're Obama guys, it's just, that's a given. But I don't know. There's a lot of candidates and there's a lot to know and there's a lot we're gonna know more about in the future.

And I think today I'm gonna start my presidential candidate research, and I'm going to do it with your book, "An Abundance of Katherines", in mind. Now, what do I mean by that? I'm gonna try to figure out who to vote for by anagramming the names of the presidential candidates.

Let's start with my favorite candidate: Albert Gore. Now, he's not running, which is why it's probably true that Al Gore announcing his presidential candidacy now makes about as much sense as a "retro bagel". So, it kinda comes down to the big three, doesn't it?

You've got Hillary, Barack, and John Edwards. I'm kind of a John Edwards fan, myself. Especially because it's obvious that he's going to be hard on terror, as John Edwards anagrams to "jehad drowns".

But I'm still willing to give Hillary a try, until I realized that Hillary Clinton anagrams to "lynch a trillion". She's an advocate of population control! Hillary Rodham Clinton anagrams to "China, a mild horny troll".

I'm not sure if this is in reference to her opinion of the Chinese or to her policy toward China. In any case, I don't know that I technically agree. And now we're left with your man, Barack Obama, which anagrams poorly.

Barack Obama anagrams to "maraca kabob". But if you put in the middle name (middle names can be important), Barack Hussein Obama, you get "Bush mania...cobra...sake". Which, in general, sounds kinda cool.

Hopefully, the cobra will take care of the Bush mania and then we'll all toast with little glasses of sake, Japanese rice wine. Now I know what you're thinking - I've left out all the Republicans! So here they are!

Ron Paul anagrams to "lunar op", as in lunar operations, so I guess he'll be taking us to the moon. Mitt Romney anagrams both to "metro minty", so I guess we can count on him for gay rights, but also anagrams to "r not my time", which is the LOLCat way of saying, "Maybe in 2012." But much more frightening than that is Rudy Giuliani, which anagrams directly to, "gaudily, I ruin". Also, for his full name, Rudolph Louis Giuliani, you get, "I pious liar!

I'll undo hug!" I don't like it when people undo hugs! You can't undo hugs! And, finally, possibly my favorite, poor Joe Biden - "I need job!" And that's all we have for Hank Green's anagramming guide to the 2008 presidential elections.

Thank you. John, I will see you tomorrow. Ooh, I almost forgot - some of the Nerdfighters have been working on a Brotherhood 2.0 wiki and we've just moved it onto the Brotherhood 2.0 site to officialize it.

It's at and you can add it to, anybody can add to it, anybody can edit it, add, anything. It's based on the wikimedia platform just like Wikipedia and now I'm gonna go. Bye.