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In which John introduces this series and welcomes a new player the Wimbly Womblys.

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Hello, and welcome to a brand new series here on hankgames without Hank, my name is John Green by the way, I'm the manager, as you can there of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblies. Right now we're trying to sign a new player. We call him Vinny Thrill! Ah, he's a central attacking midfielder. He's 17 years old, and he's going to be a very important, if not crucial member of our team. 
So here's the new series, its called John Green solves your problems. It's a brand new series, we're doing something different over heere at hankgames, so I'm gonna solve all your problems, that's the good news, and really there is no bad news I'm going to solve your problems, all your problems

Ideally four years I think would be perfect
You may not like the solution that I come to
Vinny Thrill

I'm gonna counter

I need a two year deal

I think he's Dutch

Heres an example of something that isn't a problem: A question

I know that that's like a little bit less than

Come on Vinny, a question is not a problem
That's a fair offer my client is happy with that
I look like I'm 117
He's got a great name, so that's important
I'd like a goalkeeper that 
You're gonna be an important member
Some people donated to the Project for Awesome
And I will 
I like my age, I feel like I, in away

I would love a 3 year contract Roffo
Roffo is happy
I do not want a release cause
Come to AFC Wimbledon
THank you and I appreciate that
I think somebody submitted on twitter the problem that they lost their pet turtle
We are onlt a

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Beautiful number twelve jersey. Let's discuss what kind of deal we want to pursue, Mr. Managerianooo. Uh the thing I think I want from Gumny is i want to own him becausae I need uh, I need a good, I need a good player. What I'm going to offer you in terms of transfer fee is prob- it's not gonna thrill you, um, but I don't have much money, sooooo this is the way its gonna go, I'm gonna offer you, $670,000. Um, yeah. That's what I'm going to offer you. It's not great, but I would argue that you need that $670,000. Come on, just please say yes, I really need him, I don't-- ahhh-. We won't let Gumny go for that, but we'll sell him for 680, we also want to include a sell on clause and receive 4% of the transfer fee. That's great! 680, that's,  I almost offered you 680, I think I offered you 670. I'm just going to accept. I'm just gonna straight up accept. Gumny! Gumny is coming home to Wimbledon. My(?~7:08) home.  His name's Gumny, I think we should just call him Gummy though. I think we should call him Gummy and I think, yeah, I think he's gonna be great. We gotta seal the deal here, and then I think we will not have enough money for uh Cuesta Cuesta. Althought we might try to get him. I think I've got one more game to play and if I win that game I get a million dollars. Um, so, that's basically, we're gonna call that the Quest-ta-Cuesta game. Alright, so, oh! I forgot to- oh! oh no! wait I forgot to- I forgot to mess up my transfer budget. I forgot to- uh- reallocate. 

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